Link Building Services Company Buys Backlinks for Fortune 500 Companies

Columbus, Georgia 11/29/2012--BacklinksVault is changing the way online marketers view SEO. Link building is often incorrectly viewed as a “dirty” tactic to rank higher in the search engines, primarily Google. As the search engines have changed their guidelines throughout the years, one constant has remained true – ranking organically in the top spots in Google is becoming more difficult, expensive, and dangerous.

Dangerous because over aggressive techniques have landed large Corporations such as JC Penny and BMW in hot water over attempts to manipulate results. The reality is many companies are buying backlinks if they have an internal or external SEO team or consultant working for them. This is because ranking well deals with quality backlinks and a mixture of social signals. BacklinksVault services more than 8000 businesses each month, with the emphasis on creating long term marketing, not tricking the search engines.

“We primarily sell directly to SEO agencies, which resell to companies. Many businesses aren’t even aware they are buying backlinks, link building, and social signals, but they are. All they know is they hired an SEO company which may be buying rented, spammy links to hopefully rank long enough until the check clears. This is why transparency in link building, social media / networks and online marketing in general is our number one priority” – Dan Anton CEO BacklinksVault

Digital Marketing is now becoming very real and tangible. Long gone are the days of pay us and we will rank you Number 1 in Google. Services such as Rank Now, Pay Later are a disservice to long term marketing plans since they create a blackbox of knowledge and guarantee to manipulate results in the short term. Long term you will lose most of these links and your “guarantee warranty” will be up. As Chris Farley so eloquently stated in Tommy Boy “They know all they sold you was a guaranteed piece of *expletive*”.

“Online marketing is huge, but there are only so many effective ways to market your business. All companies wanting more search traffic are engaged in link building, social media marketing, and a few other techniques. If you know the value and time associated with these skillsets you know the only way it can be done quicker and cheaper is if it’s not legitimate.” – Matt Anton COO BacklinksVault

All of the services that used to be hidden or not talked about are now transparent through BacklinksVault. When you go to a restaurant you don’t pay to get full, but pay for a meal. This approach shows the growth and maturity of online marketing as not a get rich scheme, or something ethereal and not worth pursuing, but something worth budgeting with trackable goals. You wouldn’t pull your direct mail campaign if your sub shop wasn’t larger than Subway, so don’t do it to your online marketing budget. If you’re a business owner it’s time to ask your SEO agency some questions. If you’re an SEO agency it’s time to self-audit and see if your services stand the test of time. All companies, from fortune 500 to small mom and pop stores are actively involved with link building, whether direct or indirect. Transparency is the only way to prove value and create trust around an already troubled industry.

Matthew Anton
COO BacklinksVault
732 927 1221