BAKKAFROST: Allocation of shares

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P/F Bakkafrost has as a bonus to the employees for 2020, paid the following primary insiders shares in P/F Bakkafrost based on the closing price on 15th June 2021:

  • Regin Jacobsen, CEO, was allocated 85 shares
  • Odd Eliasen, COO Feed, was allocated 72 shares.
  • Høgni Dahl Jakobsen, CFO, was allocated 57 shares.
  • Annika Frederiksberg, Board Member and part of the sales team in Bakkafrost, was allocated 24 shares.

All employees from 2020, still employed in Bakkafrost, have received bonus or bonus shares with a total value of 2% of paid out salary in 2020. In total Bakkafrost has allocated 12.118 shares to its employees including the shares to the primary insiders as a bonus to the employees for 2020.

The transaction was allocated based on the closing share price on 15th June 2021, which was NOK 736,60 per share, corresponding to DKK 543,24 per share.