Interim report, January - September 2002

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* Continued positive earnings development - net income for the period increased by 30.6 % to SEK 44.8 M (34.3)
* Operating income before goodwill amortisation increased by 10.1% to SEK 102.6 M (93.2) corresponding to an operating margin before goodwill amortisation of 12.0% (10.5)
* Improvement in cash flow from current operations to SEK 48.1 M (4.1)
* Net sales decreased by 3.6% to SEK 856.2 M (888.8)
* The organic growth in Scandinavia amounted to approximately 5% which is believed to be better than the market trend in general
* The action programme in Great Britain is now beginning to produce an increase in the number of orders received and a reduction in costs

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