bareMinerals Launches Force of Beauty Brand Campaign

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Photographed by Rankin


‘Be a Force of Beauty™’ Campaign Amplifies the Company’s Core Belief That Beauty Can Change the World

London (February 1st, 2012) – Launching this February, bareMinerals ( unveils its first-ever global creative platform and marketing campaign. Rooted in the company’s 35-year history, ‘Be a Force of Beauty’ amplifies the core belief that beauty can change the world, both by inspiring positivity and activating women to put beauty into action.

Playing off the notion, Pretty is. Beauty does.™ bareMinerals celebrates and gives emphasis to the influential power of beauty as more than meets the eye. By going beyond the surface visage, bareMinerals builds upon its heritage as an unconventional beauty brand, recognizing the opportunity to give women a voice and to champion the individual stories that represent their own ‘Force of Beauty.’

“Celebrating women isn’t new for us; it’s who we are and what we do. It’s always been more than a philosophy, it’s really our DNA,” explains Leslie Blodgett, Creator of bareMinerals. “We have a responsibility to not just tell a singular story of beauty, but rather share in the collective spirit of women around the globe.”
The new global platform is a natural extension to the brand and pays tribute to the millions of women that have established bareMinerals as the original community brand, that is as much about peer-to-peer community as it is about beauty products. A true testament to Leslie Blodgett’s legacy of fostering genuine personal relationships, ‘Be a Force of Beauty’ is the next evolution of the brand’s commitment to engage women in real, open and honest dialogue and will serve as a call-to-action to further ignite the conversation around beauty.

The first iteration of ‘Be a Force of Beauty’ will roll out to the UK in Spring 2012. Supported by integrated marketing efforts, the campaign creative will feature five women, each personifying a ‘Force of Beauty’ as identified during a blind casting held in late-summer. Recognising that beauty is not solely defined by a physical manifestation, the methodology behind the blind casting is meant to highlight the symbolic relationship between confidence and beauty, demonstrating that it’s the effect of confidence on the world that is the hallmark of true beauty.

bareMinerals ‘Be a Force of Beauty’ Global Brand Campaign
The global campaign will be supported by print, digital and social marketing efforts throughout Europe. The campaign creative is designed to elicit a social discussion around beauty and motivate women into action, summarised by such taglines as, “Pretty is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.”
“We wanted ‘Be a Force of Beauty’ not only to be relevant, but also tangible for women around the world,” commented Simon Cowell, Global CMO. “We acknowledge that there is real power and potential in beauty and it’s our role to inspire women and serve as advocates to showcase the cultural impact beauty can have on humanity.”

With a large scope for interpretation, bareMinerals partnered with the photographer Rankin, to inject soul into the print campaign, and to breathe life into the ‘Be a Force of Beauty’ anthem and bring a sense of authenticity and sincerity to the campaign by capturing an honest expression of inner beauty. To uphold this mandate for authenticity, bareMinerals intentionally chose to leave in the distinguishing characteristics of each woman appearing in the creative and all signs of life that represent their experiences to further add value and integrity to the campaign.
“This level of truthfulness became critical for us as we continued to ideate on this campaign,” noted Cowell. “‘Be a Force of Beauty’ really sums up our brand anthem and pays tribute to the legacy we’ve already established and also carries us into the future as we continue to expand our global footprint.”

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