About Us

BASTA Holdings, Inc. is a fully reporting publicly traded company listed on OTC BB: (BSTA). Basta Holdings, Inc. is a business incubator, management and holding company within the aeronautical industry formed to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities currently presenting themselves within the global aircraft logistics, maintenance and overhaul space. Using the extensive experience and industry leadership of its management and the global presence of its affiliates and clients in the fixed and rotary wing industry, Basta Holdings, Inc. has embarked on the expansion of its domestic and international services aimed at diversification, exponentially higher revenues and increased profit margins. Basta Holdings, Inc. plans to raise $5 Million USD through the issuance of a convertible preferred stock with a fixed rate of dividend of 6.75% per year. Basta Holdings, Inc. was formed in May 2011, combining two well-established private firms in the air services industry: WAB International, headquartered in Miami, FL, engages in helicopter leasing, air support, search and rescue, and passenger services.Monarch Air Group LLC, of Fort Lauderdale, FL, provides charter jet services and aircraft management services.Moving forward with the strengths of each company, Basta Holdings, Inc. is focusing on high margin, high growth niches in the aerospace industry. As these industries are dominated my large, often privately-held companies, Basta Holdings. Inc. presents a unique opportunity for investors who may not otherwise be able to claim their own personal stake in the industry.


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