Flagging notification in accordance with Chapter 9 Section 10 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act

Basware Corporation, stock exchange release, May 29, 2019 at 2.00 pm EEST

Basware Corporation has received on May 29, 2019 the following notification pursuant to Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Finnish Securities Market Act from Ameriprise Financial, Inc and its funds according to which their total holding of shares of Basware Corporation has decreased below five (5) percent on May 28, 2019.

Basware Corporation has one series of shares in which each share carries one vote. The total number of shares and votes is 14,401,936.

holding of Ameriprise Financial, Inc and its funds according to the notification: 

% of
shares and voting rights
% of
shares and voting rights through financial instruments
Total of both in %
Resulting situation on the date on which threshold was crossed or reached: 4.998% 0% 4.998%
Position of previous notification (if applicable): 5.24% 0% 5.24%

Notified details of the resulting situation following the crossing of the threshold:

A: Shares and voting rights

Number of shares and voting rights % of shares and voting rights
Class/type of shares: Direct
(SMA 9:5)
(SMA 9:6 and 9:7)
(SMA 9:5)
Indirect (SMA 9:6 and 9:7) 
FI0009008403  0 719,818 0% 4.998%
Subtotal (A): 719,818 4.998%

Additional information:

List of funds and portfolios: Ameriprise Financial, Inc; Ameriprise International Holdings GmbH; Threadneedle Asset Management Holdings Sàrl; Threadneedle Holdings Limited; TAM UK Holdings Limited; Threadneedle Asset Management Holdings Limited; TC Financing Limited; and Threadneedle Asset Management Limited.

For more information, please contact:
Ben Selby, Head of Investor Relations, Basware Corporation
+358 50 305 8077, ben.selby@basware.com

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Basware offers the largest open business network in the world and is the global leader in providing networked purchase-to-pay solutions and e-invoicing services. Our technology empowers organisations with 100% spend visibility by enabling the capture of all financial data across procurement, finance, accounts payable and accounts receivable functions. Basware is a global company doing business in more than 100 countries and is traded on the Helsinki exchange (BAS1V: HE). Find out more at https://investors.basware.com/en.