Bellman Group carries out an internal restructuring in order to simplify its legal group structure

Bellman Group AB (publ) (the “Company” or “Bellman Group”) has initiated certain intragroup transactions in order to simplify the structure of the group. After the restructuring, the group will still consist of four brands, Uppländska Berg, Bellmans, VSM and Samgräv.

After the internal restructuring, the Company will have four direct subsidiaries, being Bellmans Åkeri & Entreprenad AB, Uppländska Bergborrnings Aktiebolaget, VSM Entreprenad AB and Samgräv Holding AB.

Through the internal restructuring, the group will become more cost effective since part of the administrative work carried out within the group, e.g. related to accounting, financial reporting and intercompany invoicing, will cease.

In order to be able to carry out the internal restructuring, the Company has sought and obtained a waiver and certain consents from the agent under the Company’s outstanding bonds 2017/2022. A notice of waiver will be sent by the agent on 12 February 2019 to bondholders directly registered as of 8 February 2019 in the debt register kept by Euroclear Sweden. The notice is also available at the Company’s website,

For additional information, please contact:
Roger Axelsson, CFO and Head of Communications, Bellman Group, +46 (0) 70 874 50 41,

Håkan Lind, CEO, Bellman Group, +46 (0) 70 669 80 28,

About this information:
This information was submitted for publication, through the Company’s CEO, at 14:00 CET on 12 February 2019.

About Bellman Group
Bellman Group is comprised of Bellmans Åkeri, a haulage contractor; Uppländska Berg, who undertakes blasting operations; VSM, a machine contracting group and Samgräv, a haulage contractor group with its own landfills, recycling facilities and rock quarries. The group’s net sales for the financial year 2017, calculated pro forma including all of the above mentioned companies (however, as regards Samgräv, for the financial year 2017/2018), amounted to SEK 1,574 million and the adjusted EBITDA for the same period, calculated pro forma including all of the above mentioned companies, amounted to SEK 186 million. The group has approximately 365 employees and approximately 800 subcontractors.



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