Successful financing round for augmented reality specialist: Goodly Innovations secures Series A funding to support further growth

Grünwald, Munich, 17 September 2019 – Goodly Innovations, a leading provider of Enterprise Augmented Reality Solutions, has completed a successful financing round. In addition to lead investor BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Bayern Kapital and two private investors also contributed with additional capital in the seven-digit range to the company founded in 2016.

Goodly Innovations GmbH is a leading provider of Augmented Reality (AR)* solutions for regulated industries. OptiworX, Goodly Innovations' first product, vastly improves process management with the help of proprietary AR guidance technology. It is the only system that offers dynamic multi-user and multi-device functionality for large industrial manufacturing and packaging plants. It supports employees and teams in making their increasingly complex work processes easier, faster, more accurate and error-free.

OptiworX was developed from the beginning for the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and is already used successfully by several international pharmaceutical companies. The platform is designed as a modular, manufacturer-independent system. It enables a fast, individual setup and integration into almost any production environment.

Robert Hoffmeister, Co-Founder and CEO of Goodly Innovations, states: "Thanks to the financing round we can accelerate the further development of OptiworX in the GMP regulated biopharmaceutical sector, both with additional product features and with a larger international presence."

He continues: "The last time we saw productivity leaps and quality improvements in this dimension was in the automotive industry 30 years ago. With OptiworX we support our clients to increase productivity by up to 50%, increase quality and also improve the onboarding process through the use of state-of-the-art and intuitive technology."

Alexander Ullmann, Investment Manager at BayBG: "With OptiworX, Goodly optimizes processes and minimizes planned and unplanned machine downtimes and changeover times. We were particularly convinced by the outstanding unique selling proposition of the Goodly solution. It is the only AR system that enables multi-member teams to work simultaneously and synchronously on a task in real time."

Dr. Georg Ried, Managing Director of Bayern Kapital, says: "Goodly Innovations has developed a product that uses augmented reality to solve a fundamental problem in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The technology works reliably very important in a regulated environment. Combined with the experience of the founding team, these are good prerequisites for establishing the system as a standard in a large market."

* Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of digital information into a real environment.

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Goodly Innovations GmbH is a leading provider of Augmented Reality Solutions for enterprise applications. The product OptiworX is the only multi-user solution to dynamically guide teams using AR. OptiworX was designed as a modular, manufacturer-independent system and allows a fast and individual setup in almost any production environment, as stand-alone system or integrated, e.g. into existing MES systems for the creation of Electronic Batch Records.




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