Martin Dahlgren new CEO of Besedo

Press release: Stockholm, September 13 2011 - The Swedish company Besedo, a leader in content moderation, quality control, and security in the digital world, has hired Martin Dahlgren as its new CEO. Dahlgren will replace Andreas Gindin, who will instead take an active role on the board, focusing on strategic business development.

Martin Dahlgren assumed his new position on September 5th, and joins Besedo at an exciting time in the company’s development. User-generated content on the Internet has exploded over the past years, and Besedo sees huge potential in many markets.

”We have begun a robust expansion and now it’s time to take the next step, which is why we’re extremely pleased that Martin is joining Besedo. He is incredibly driven and experienced in leading companies that are focused on sales and growth, which is exactly what Besedo needs right now,” says Besedo’s chairman Petter Nylander.

Besedo helps web-based companies manage, control and moderate user-generated content. Besedo has two primary areas of competence, Content Moderation, which monitors, analyses and moderates user-generated content on websites, and Safety, which helps companies prevent abuse and fraud.

“Besedo operates in an industry that is undergoing a lot of rapid changes. Everything from internet-bullying, fraud, and copyright issues to internet hate and the debate about whether or not the newspapers should even have comment fields have all become symbols of something much larger. In the future this will be an issue for moderating, managing and controlling user-generated content in order to maintain internet etiquette and security, which is why it feels incredibly exciting to join Besedo just at this time,” says Martin Dahlgren, CEO of Besedo.

Besedo’s strength lies in the fact that it has developed a method based on a combination of technical tools and manual analysis. The manual analysis is dependent on the employees’ good knowledge of both moderating and handling abuse and fraud as well as their knowledge of the country’s culture, especially online. The analysis is complicated by the fact that in many cases the context is instrumental for understanding and also that much content consists of images that often cannot be automatically interpreted.

Martin was most recently the CEO of Energo, a technical consulting company with 275 employees and revenues of EUR 35m. Before joining Energo, Martin worked at Hifab, where he was a member of the management group. Martin has also worked at Skanska. Martin has a Master of Science in Environmental engineering, and has also studied industrial economics.

For more information, please contact Martin Dahlgren, CEO of Besedo. Mobile: +46 767-88 97 00. Email:

About Besedo
Besedo is a Swedish-based entrepreneur-driven knowledge company, focused on increasing quality, customer satisfaction and value for companies that have User Generated Content on their website. Besedo works with classified ads sites, online dating sites and websites with large volumes of User Generated Content such as social media. Furthermore Besedo works with preventing and investigating fraud and inappropriate behavior by moderating UGC.

Besedo was founded in 2002 and is today a global company with offices in Sweden, Malta and Malaysia. The company ensures the quality of millions of ads, profiles, emails, posts and comments every month in over 15 languages for customers worldwide. Visit for more information.




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