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  • Betagenon co-founder publishes study demonstrating that pan-AMPK activator O304 acts as an exercise mimetic in aged mice

Betagenon co-founder publishes study demonstrating that pan-AMPK activator O304 acts as an exercise mimetic in aged mice

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Betagenon AB, a Sweden-based company focused on development of AMPK activator compounds, today announced the publication by co-founder Prof. Helena Edlund of a new study demonstrating that in aged mice the pan-AMPK activator O304 improves cardiac function and exercise capacity, while preventing and reversing age-associated hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. O304 thus functions as an exercise mimetic and could therefore have a similar therapeutic potential in aged humans and improve quality of life. The data are published in Communications Biology, a member of the Nature family of journals.

“Exercise is beneficial in multiple age-associated diseases however many aged people are unable to exercise regularly. A pharmacological treatment that improves cardiovascular and metabolic status in aged individuals and acts as an exercise mimetic is potentially clinically very important for healthy aging” said Prof. Helena Edlund of the Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine, and the senior author of the study.

“A clinical stage compound that acts as an exercise mimetic in aged animals is transformative for the drug development field addressing age-associated disease.  It has the potential to make a huge contribution to the goal of increasing the span of healthy aging in humans” said Dr. James Hall, CEO Betagenon AB.

O304 is a first in class clinical stage non-allosteric pan-AMPK activator that in preclinical models exhibits beneficial metabolic, micro-vascular and cardiac effects, reduces obesity and inflammation, promotes autophagy and mitigates postoperative and low back pain. O304 targets biological mechanisms associated with aging.  O304 sodium salt is in clinical development to treat Heart Failure, Renal Disease and Insulin Resistance.  

Betagenon is a clinical stage company that develops its proprietary AMPK activators as therapies for diseases and conditions associated with the global epidemic in metabolic and cardiovascular disorders and an aging population. 

For more information, contact:
James Hall, CEO Betagenon AB

Helena Edlund received funding from Vetenskapsrådet, Familjen Erling-Perssons stiftelse, and Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse for the study.

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