Betolar and Belgian Tubobel sign a commercial agreement for a cement alternative Geoprime®

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Betolar Plc
Company Announcement, inside information
24 February 2022 at 8:47 A.M. EET

Betolar and Belgian Tubobel sign a commercial agreement for a cement alternative Geoprime®

Betolar Plc and the Belgian concrete company Tubobel Group enter into a commercial partnership to start production of low-carbon concrete products. The agreement with Betolar is valid until 2030. Tubobel, which manufactures concrete products for industry and road construction, starts manufacturing concrete pipes with Betolar's Geoprime® concept. Tubobel is the market leader in the manufacture of sewer pipes in Belgium.

The first product group is sewer pipes, which have been tested in industrial scale. The products have gone through extensive quality testing. During first years Tubobel will have an exclusive right to use the Geoprime concept and chemicals in the Belgian market for the manufacture of the pipes. Production will gradually expand also to other product groups, such as paving stones and other infrastructure products.

“With the European Green Development Program and tightening CO2 emissions regulations, the concrete industry must start looking for sustainable alternatives to its manufacturing. As a pioneer in the sustainable development of the Belgian concrete industry, Tubobel is the first to launch Geoprime in its home market. For Betolar, this is an important continuation of strengthening our international business,” says Matti Löppönen, CEO of Betolar.

Tubobel benefits from Betolar's continuous product development, expert services, and data support in the manufacture of concrete products. It also has the right to use the registered Betolar and Geoprime trademarks in its products manufactured in accordance with the concept.

“We are seeing a growing demand for low-carbon building materials in Belgium and are looking to strengthen our position as the market leader. Thanks to the production of Geoprime-based concrete products starting this year, we will be able to support our customers with a low-carbon concrete option to achieve their CO2 emissions targets,” says Evert Lemmens, CEO of Tubobel Group.

Betolar has developed the Geoprime solution to produce technically durable low-carbon concrete using industrial side streams as a cement alternative for a concrete binder. Betolar thus enables the green transition of different industries and makes concrete a sustainable building material.

“Betolar has invested a lot in developing a low-carbon cement alternative using industrial side streams. Our solution brings immediate reductions in carbon dioxide emissions without major changes in the manufacturing process,” says Löppönen.

The cement and construction value chain produces 25 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions, according to McKinsey*. Low carbon concrete can be a key factor in global efforts to prevent climate change.

"Tubobel Group is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030. That is why we are working to increase low carbon production volumes as quickly as it is technically possible. Geoprime is an optimal solution for us. We promote the circular economy by using local industrial slag side streams as raw material," says Lemmens.

The parties will not disclose the commercial value and terms of the licence and supply agreements for competitive reasons.

Betolar Plc

More information:

Matti Löppönen, CEO, Betolar Plc, tel. +358 50 306 6335,
Janne Rauramo, Head of Europe, tel. +358 50 475 4900,
Evert Lemmens, CEO, Tubobel Group, tel. +32 474 05 17 87,


About Betolar Plc

Betolar Plc is a Finnish materials technology company that offers the production of sustainable and low-carbon concrete with the Geoprime® solution. The solution converts several previously unused high-volume industrial side streams into a substitute for cement.

Betolar's AI-optimised innovation can significantly reduce CO2 emissions at a competitive cost compared to conventional cement-based concrete manufacturing, leveraging the existing manufacturing processes. Betolar’s mission is to enable the green transformation of various industries globally, especially in the construction, process and energy industries by providing solutions to utilise its unique materials technology.

Betolar was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Kannonkoski, Finland. Betolar is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.


About Tubobel Group

The Tubobel Group is a supplier of high-quality prefabricated concrete products to industry and road construction. As an established producer and supplier of concrete products for sewage, drainage, water treatment and paving, Tubobel Group is involved in the most diverse infrastructure projects in Belgium. The Tubobel Group has focused on the field of infrastructure, transport and drainage projects.


*According to McKinsey, the built environment ie. the cement and construction value chain accounts for approximately 25 percent of global CO2 emissions. Reaching net zero by 2050 will require the buildings and construction industry to decarbonize three times faster over the next 30 years versus the previous 30.