Betolar competes for world-class sustainability awards

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Betolar competes for world-class sustainability awards

Betolar has been selected as a finalist in two categories of the Responsible Business Awards 2023 organized by Reuters Events: Sustainable Development Goals and Product Innovations. The final competition will take place, and the rankings will be announced on 1st November 2023 at the Responsible Business Awards 2023 event in London.

"This summer, we completed large-scale tests of low-carbon building products and unveiled the world's lowest-emission hollow-core slabs. We are also developing an innovative solution for the mining industry's structures and the circular economy of industrial by-products that are currently treated as waste. As a growth company, it is essential for us to gain visibility for our commercial solutions on international platforms," says Ville Voipio, Chief Commercial Officer of Betolar.


Reuters Events Responsible Business Awards are significant international accolades that recognize companies driving sustainable development transformation in their respective industries. There are 14 competition categories covering various aspects of responsible business, from sustainable development innovations and business models to social responsibility and supporting financing.

"Comprehensive change can only be achieved by engaging the entire construction value chain. Our approach creates opportunities for all value chain actors to achieve their sustainability goals, especially in terms of CO2 emissions and circular economy. Our aim is to enable more sustainable development in the entire construction industry," encourages Ville Voipio.


It all starts with a groundbreaking innovation

The product innovation category of the competition rewards companies that have developed an innovative product range that addresses social responsibility or environmental sustainability challenges. The game-changing innovation must be an integral part of the company's core business.

Betolar's Geoprime solution replaces the use of cement in concrete products either partially or entirely. Concrete products, such as paving stones and sewer pipes, produced with the Geoprime solution, are already commercially available. Next in line are the construction industry's volume products like hollow-core slabs and partition walls, and eventually, ready-mixed concrete products.

"Sustainable construction is crucial. It is estimated that materials account for about 40% of the total emissions from buildings. Betolar's solution allows for up to 80% lower CO2 emissions from concrete raw materials compared to traditional materials," states Ville Voipio.

A significant area of circular economy is the utilization of side-stream materials. The goal is to source as much of the side streams as possible from nearby locations to minimize the environmental impact of transportation. These side streams are acquired from suppliers committed to responsible practices.

"Following the principles of the circular economy, Betolar recycles one industry's waste streams into valuable raw materials for another industry, such as the construction sector. This approach also addresses the shortage of cement-substituting materials," envisions Voipio.


Systematic goals transforming the construction industry

In the category emphasizing a company's systematic sustainability goals, the award seeks a pioneering company that significantly contributes to the industry's global sustainable development goals in innovative and measurable ways. The criteria emphasize the company's ability to align its business objectives with the entire value chain's sustainability targets.

"Betolar's business supports several of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, promoting positive change in infrastructure, urban ecosystems, consumption patterns, and climate actions. For instance, in developing markets like India, our solution enables a transition towards sustainable industrialization by improving the efficiency of concrete production," explains Voipio.

Instead of establishing its factories, Betolar operates on a licensing model, which includes a customized Geoprime formula, sourcing of suitable by-products, and the necessary support for adopting the new material. The adoption of low-emission materials does not require significant investments or changes to existing facilities and equipment for concrete manufacturers.

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Betolar Plc


About Betolar

Betolar Plc is a Finnish materials technology company that offers the production of sustainable and low-carbon concrete with the Geoprime solution. The solution converts industrial side streams into a cement substitute.

Betolar's artificial intelligence innovation can significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional cement-based concrete production by optimizing existing manufacturing processes, supporting solution development with advanced analytics, and creating global markets for side streams. Betolar's mission is to help reduce CO2 emissions and the use of virgin resources.

Betolar was founded in 2016 and is domiciled in Kannonkoski, Finland. Betolar is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Read more:  

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