Growing Affiliate Site Concerned About Fake Promotions

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Previously an online casino, Betspin launched as an affiliate site in 2020 specializing in live dealer casinos, including game guides, payment methods, and bonus information for live casino enthusiasts. This was widely publicized in the media, with Betspin receiving a lot of positive attention for its launch. However, it seems that despite the numerous press pieces, there are some bad actors on the internet that are still representing Betspin as an online casino.

False Bonus Offers are Not Associated with Betspin

This is false, inaccurate, and misleading as Betspin no longer operates as an online casino. Meaning that players who are looking to play at Betspin Casino will be left disappointed as the site no longer offers proprietary games or bonuses.

Betspin would urge all casino enthusiasts to ignore false or misleading bonuses and promotions from external sites. One way players can avoid being scammed is by searching for directly, this way they can avoid any potentially misleading information. When Betspin staff ran a simple search for 'Betspin' they were alarmed at the number of sites still displaying bonuses for Betspin. Staff at Betspin take this matter extremely seriously and are looking at all available options to prevent the spreading of misinformation about Betspin.

Betspin currently offers detailed information about popular live casinos, makes how-to game guides for top casino games and aims to become a valuable resource for those who want to gamble responsibly online.

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Betspin was first founded in 2015. It was initially operated as an online casino by Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) until its closure in 2019.

In 2020, it was relaunched and rebranded as a fully-fledged live casino site.

We noticed that there was a lack of high-quality, informative sites that fully satisfy the needs of live casino enthusiasts. So we decided to fill that gap by pivoting Betspin to the live dealer niche.