BEWI invests in advanced recycling technology

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BEWI, a leading provider of packaging, components, and insulation solutions, has invested in Polystyvert Inc., for development and commercialisation of dissolution technology for recycling of expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Polystyvert Inc. is an innovative company focusing on circular economy for styrenic plastics through a dissolution recycling process. The company is based in Montreal in Canada, where it has a demo-site at which proof of concept studies for the technology has been successfully completed. Now, the company is planning to set up a full-scale project, also in Montreal.

The dissolution technology allows for more contaminated feedstock to be used in the recycling process, compared to the more traditional mechanical recycling used by BEWI today. The technology could therefore be complementary to the current, resulting in increased volumes of recycled materials.

“Our investment into Polystyvert, and their development of a full-scale project, allows us to get detailed knowledge and insights into their technology, in which we strongly believe. We continuously evaluate technologies and recycling processes, in our constant chase for a circular value chain,” says Jonas Siljeskär, COO of BEWI.

Following evaluation of the full-scale project in Montreal, Polystyvert is considering setting up a full-scale project in Europe.

For further information, please contact:

Charlotte Knudsen, Director of IR and Communications BEWI ASA, tel. +47 9756 1959


BEWI is an international provider of packaging, components, and insulation solutions. The company's commitment to sustainability is integrated throughout the value chain, from production of raw materials and end goods, to recycling of used products. With a vision to protect people and goods for a better every day, BEWI is leading the change towards a circular economy.

BEWI ASA is listed at the Oslo Børs under ticker BEWI.

About Polystyvert Inc.

Founded in 2011, Polystyvert is a Montreal-based clean technology start-up that has developed an innovative, low-carbon-footprint process to recycle polystyrene based on a dissolution technology. Effective on all types of polystyrene, Polystyvert’s technology includes a purification process that removes all contaminants. The result is a high purity recycled resource that can be reused for upcycled polystyrene products, opening the door to a larger market than actual mechanical recycling technologies.