BIMobject AB: BIMobject releases API for its cloud platform

Today, BIMobject AB (BIMobject) announces the release of its Application Program Interface (API) for the cloud-based platform BIMobject® Cloud. The release of the API will allow manufacturers, software developers, and other solution providers to build seamless data integrations with the BIMobject® Cloud.

For building product manufacturers, the release of the API opens up a large number of new opportunities to make use of the BIM content hosted in the BIMobject® Cloud. Manufacturers can now integrate their BIM objects and product information seamlessly into their own websites and build integrations with e-commerce solutions and any other applications that can connect through API. 

"The release of the API means our platform now allows for application-to-application communication, while maintaining the vital and central role as Single Source of Truth, ensuring that the information is not changed or duplicated, but can be trusted to be correct and updated", says Ben O'Donnell, Chief Technology Officer at BIMobject.

For suppliers and distributors, the release of the API means they can now fetch product information to enrich their own e-commerce solutions. For information brokers, it means they can add value to their communities by adding download capabilities, product information, and 3D previews. 

"Connecting to the API allows manufacturers to build any type of web-based catalogue, that will be totally synchronised with the BIMobject® database and therefore always accurate and up to date. Supply chain companies, distributors and resellers can build advanced product catalogues with their own front end, and integrate it in online sales applications. This marks the beginning of a new era for our platform and how it can be customised to and integrated in other solutions", says Ben O'Donnell.

The release of the API will also enable third-party software developers to create integrations with the BIMobject® platform within their own BIM applications, giving their users direct access to the vast amount of digital content and data that is hosted on The API can be accessed from smartphone applications, web applications, and desktop versions of any kind of tool. Tools for configuration, calculation, and simulation - including any smartphone, AR, or VR device - can now be enabled for direct communication with the BIMobject® Cloud through the API. 
"As different applications will be developed around the world and increase in number, so will the the manufacturers' opportunities for exposure. This means the visibility of their products will increase more rapidly on a global scale, and their product information will be integrated in digital decision processes far beyond BIM and CAD software", says Ben O'Donnell. 

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About BIMobject®
BIMobject® is a Swedish technology company with a global presence operating at the forefront of digitalising the building industry. BIMobject provides a cloud-based platform and powerful technology to make digital product information available for Building Information Modelling (BIM), allowing its use early in the building process for visualisation, specification, and analysis. The platform collects valuable data that streamlines the construction industry throughout the product lifecycle. More intelligent design and construction lead to better product selections, reduced waste, and more efficient logistics during the building process. At the same time, property management benefits from higher quality, improved use of energy, and lower operating costs.

Today, BIMobject operates in a number of markets and has a global growth strategy. The company's offerings include development, hosting, management, and publishing of digital versions of manufacturer products: BIM objects. Its customers are building and interior product manufacturers who market their products via the BIMobject® Cloud. The user base consists primarily of architects, designers, and engineers, who access the BIMobject® Cloud through CAD/BIM-applications, apps, and web services. The BIM objects are integrated into a detailed model of the building, which increases the chance that the real products will be selected for purchase.

BIMobject is a public company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North with the ticker symbol BIM.     

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