BIMobject AB opens subsidiary in Spain

Swedish IT company BIMobject AB  announces today that they are starting up a subsidiary in Spain. BIMobject Spain S.L. will be a 100% wholly owned subsidiary to BIMobject AB, publicly listed at Nasdaq First North Stockholm. BIMobject Spain S.L. will be based in Madrid. The Spanish construction industry is large and the demand for a BIM standard is starting to grow.

BIMobject® is today available with its own subsidiaries or business partners in many major European countries. The board believes that BIMobject has quickly taken a leading position in the development and maintenance of smart cloud solutions that give architects, engineers and designers access to manufacturers' products as digital objects.

BIMobject has been present in Spain for a couple of years through a partnership with MOG Arquitectos, who have had a continuous growth. To be able to maintain the accumulated know-how in the group and to accelerate the growth, BIMobject is now establishing a subsidiary and hiring the owner of MOG Arquitectos as the new Managing Director for BIMobject Spain S.L.

"We have been successful on the Spanish market with many brands represented on the portal and of course the big contract with Roca Group, which is one of our biggest clients. We need to support these clients better with local presence and at the same time we want to acquire a bigger part of the Spanish-speaking market. We have the opportunity to hire Mario Ortega as the Managing Director of our new subsidiary. Mario is a well-known BIM expert and architect, as well as a long-term partner of BIMobject. Our ambition now is to aggressively grow our market share and we are very confident about the future in Spain", says Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject AB.

Spain represents a big and mature market within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. The BIM adoption has experienced a solid growth in recent years and just before the summer, the Spanish government announced a BIM strategy implementation for public buildings. Compliance with BIM requirements in different countries under different regulations will be a big challenge for most manufacturers. BIMobject is here to help the Spanish AEC industry to meet the deadline and to be compliant. We will provide the right technology and resources to keep Spanish manufacturers in the front line of worldwide BIM implementation.

According to the board, the BIMobject Cloud is unique with its modern platform, ability to handle any standards and file formats, version control, maintenance of attributes, assistance to users providing a variety of roles and for manufacturers an analysis and sales tool that generates real business in the right time. BIMobject Spain S.L. will recruit staff in sales and project management and will have its headquarters in Madrid.

"I've been working for the past three years in the largest development projects of BIM standard implementations in our country. Now, we have a deep knowledge of how we can help marketing, sales and IT departments achieve the best results in the least amount of time. Now, BIMobject Spain has more resources and an active sales agent network ready to assist the Spanish AEC industry in the BIM future", says Mario Ortega, Managing Director of BIMobject Spain S.L.

About BIMobject®:

BIMobject® is a game changer for the construction industry worldwide with its cloud based Portal offering development, maintenance and syndication of digital replicas - BIM objects - of manufactured building and interior products.

The marketing and pre-sales services associated with the Portal are channelled and integrated, through specialised software, into CAD/BIM applications to create a business-to-business communication across the globe.Manufacturers use BIMobject® to promote and deliver their products directly into BIM processes enabling their products to be selected and generate a real improvement in sales.

BIMobject® - Winner of the Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award 2013, Winner of the 2013 Red Herring 100 Global Award and Winner of the IAIR EUROPEAN AWARDS 2013!

BIMobject AB - a public company listed on NASDAQ First North Stockholm: Share Ticker: BIM

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