Clickufficio chooses Just Search Italy for digital marketing campaign

The signing of new client Clickufficio marks yet another success for Just Search Italy, part of the Getupdated group.

Internet marketing company Just Search is pleased to welcome, onto its books, one of Italy’s biggest office material suppliers. Clickufficio has been a respected office supplier for over ten years in Italy and the company is now exploring the online market and hoping to improve its online presence.

Just Search Italy has been chosen to drive their digital marketing and e-commerce project and the aim is that with the help of Just Search, Clickufficio will soon dominate the Italian market in the office equipment industry.

Francesco Cannavale, Director of Online Marketing at Clickufficio, said: ‘We chose Just Search because we have seen how they can transform a company’s online presence. They have SEO and e-commerce experts at hand who have all the right techniques and the confidence to produce the best results. We’re excited to get this project underway with Just Search so that we can start seeing results and improving our online marketing techniques.’

Clickufficio already boasts a successful business, offering professional service and competitive prices, catering to offices of any size. But the boost that their relationship with Just Search Italy will give them, could see Clickufficio really making a mark in the e-commerce world too.

Paul Yates, Group Chief Executive Officer for Getupdated, said: ‘Since Just Search Italy opened its doors, it seems to have continued to attract big clients from across the country. With Clickufficio already being an established and successful brand, we are confident that we will be able to add the finishing touches to their business and make them an influential name in the digital marketing and e-commerce world.’

For further information please contact:
Paul Yates, CEO of Getupdated Internet Marketing AB
Phone: +44 7966 077 583

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