Getupdated announces plan to grow operations in France under the Just Search brand

Getupdated has decided to grow its subsidiary in France under the Just Search brand. Current operations primarily within search engine marketing (PPC) will be rebranded and broadened with the complete Just Search product offering. The operations in France have had notable sales success towards the end of 2009 and reported a small profit in the last quarter.

"We have established a customer base in France that is now inquiring about further services within search marketing and SEO, so we are really growing with customer demand", comments Paul Yates, CEO of the Getupdated Group and founder of JustSearch. Getupdated has decided to gather all of its activities in France under the Just Search brand. The decision marks the next step in growing the business in France. The complete service offering of Just Search UK will now be made available to customers in France. Just Search UK has proven capable of combining fast growth and profitability, and the UK operations will now be the benchmark of Just Search France. "We have a proven track-record of supplying very competitive services with a high customer value. This know-how is now being implemented on a full scale in our French operations", says Paul Yates. Several sales initiatives are being taken on the French market. A new sales office with two dedicated account managers will be opened in Paris by the end of February. Simultaneously, a marketing campaign website in French will be published on Although this launch represents a limited financial commitment for the Group, there is an aggressive growth plan ahead, with further recruitments planned for each quarter, provided sales projections are delivered. "JustSearch has the necessary experience and infrastructure to provide a very competitive SEO-offering to the French-speaking marketplace. Competition is limited, as many SEO-companies do not offer the same level of strategy with SEO actions plans and recommendations to their clients. Just Search has a unique approach that has not been seen before in France" says Cedric Menard, Managing Director of Just Search France. JustSearch currently handles over 700 clients through its head office in Britain. Several French clients are included on the client list. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, requires a complex infrastructure for any language area serviced. JustSearch and the Getupdated Group have developped a considerable know-how and infrastructure by servicing French clients as well as using native French speaking programmers.



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