New company launches after successful trial with Just Search

Having tried out their micro teaching sessions with the staff at Just Search before Christmas, SEO and social media expert Nichola Stott (Founder, themediaflow) and PR and social media specialist Claire Thompson (Founder, Waves PR) have announced the launch of a new joint venture, SEO PR Training.

The company ‘does what it says on the tin’, offering tailored SEO training to PR people and strategic media skills training to SEO practitioners.

Before the launch of their company, Nichola and Claire paid a visit to Just Search headquarters in Manchester where they presented two ‘proof of concept’ micro-teaching sessions with the SEO experts there. Nichola and Claire thought it was important that they got to know their target audience before the launch of their company, so they chose to work with the Just Search team to get a feel for the interests and requirements of an established SEO company.

“Many SEO technicians lose sight of the fact that the world doesn’t consist of just links,” said SEO PR Training Director Nichola Stott. “It’s easy to miss the bigger picture. It’s important to understand clients’ objectives and learn to use the message effectively in the SEO equation. Our training will help SEO practitioners to understand what’s possible by working effectively with media and bloggers, whether they choose to do this themselves or guide their clients’ PR Agencies.”

“So many PR people struggle with the conflicting information that they are bombarded with regarding SEO,” said SEO PR Training Director Claire Thompson. “It’s extremely hard to know who to believe and how best to advise clients. Our training aims to demystify SEO, turning it from a black art into something immediately practical for their clients and organizations.”

The visit to Just Search, which also included focus groups, helped Claire and Nichola to decide on the level of training they should offer and it helped them to make decisions on their approach to training too.

“Training should be fun as well as informative”, said Stott. “With very rare exceptions, this will be a PowerPoint free zone. Learners will find it very hard not to stay engaged and go away with instantly practical ideas, which will create ‘bottom line’ value for their clients.”

“Our courses will be bespoke, tailored to customers’ specific needs to make it relevant to both the level of trainee, agency remit and their client sectors,” added Thompson., “We do plan to run some open sessions later in the year to offer access to freelancers and small agencies, but will make these public close to the time.”

The ‘proof of concept’ micro teaching sessions were a triumph at Just Search headquarters as Paul Yates, Group Chief Executive Officer of Getupdated and Just Search, said: ‘Our SEO experts found it really helpful to learn about the relationship between PR and SEO. They learnt who to approach and when to approach them, in order to successfully achieve online content and they also learnt about timing announcements for link purposes. We’re delighted that Claire and Nichola chose Just Search as their starting ground before launching their exciting company.’

For further information please contact

Paul Yates, CEO of Getupdated Internet Marketing AB
Phone: 44 7966 077 583


Just Search is an SEO and internet marketing company based near Manchester. The company, which is part of the Getupdated group, provides marketing solutions right across Europe and packages include SEO, PPC, social media, online PR, content writing, design, development and affiliate marketing.


SEO PR Training is a company, based in Hampshire, set up by businesswomen Claire Thompson and Nichola Stott. They specialise in PR and SEO and offer cross discipline training to clients, using interactive and engaging teaching sessions.



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