Biohit GastroPanel[®] test was studied clinically in patients with autoimmune disease

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Press release 25.09.2020 at 15.00 local time (EEST)


This study was completed at the Outpatient Department of Internal Medicine (Oulu University Hospital), and the report of the results was recently accepted for publication in an international gastroenterology journal (1). 

At the moment endoscopic services have been severely curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This further increases the risk of patients with autoimmune disease developing autoimmune atrophic gastritis (AAG) and even gastric cancer before diagnosis can be made. Biohit´s solution is to use the GastroPanel® test to screen these patient groups and stratify those who are in urgent need of endoscopic services (2-4, 11, 16, 17).

GastroPanel® is a four-biomarker test: pepsinogen I (PGI), pepsinogen II (PGII), gastrin-17 (G-17) and Helicobacter pylori antibody (HpAb), and as such represents a unique innovation of a Finnish biotechnology company (Biohit Oyj, Helsinki), designed for the first-line diagnosis of all patients with upper abdominal symptoms (dyspepsia) and reflux complaints. This first non-invasive diagnostic test on the market accurately confirms or excludes the presence of Hp infection and atrophic gastritis (AG) (2, 8-13).

At the same time, GastroPanel® is the only test monitoring the state of acid output regulation in the stomach. Hp and AG are the two most important risk conditions for gastric cancer (GC), and because of this, GastroPanel® is also particularly suitable for population-based screening of asymptomatic individuals for the risk of GC with substantial savings in life-time health care costs (5-8-14).

The study was targeted to patients with two autoimmune diseases: type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1) and autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD), known to have a high prevalence of AG and autoimmune AG (=AAG).

Adjunct professor Minna Mäki, PhD, Director of R & D, Biohit Oyj: “The authors conclude that AG/AAG is far more prevalent among the AITD- and DM1 patients than in the general population. The new generation GastroPanel® is an ideal test for non-invasive screening of these patients for early diagnosis of AG/AAG. In this study, a cohort of 244 patients: 207 with AITD and 37 with DM1, was enrolled during 2017-2019. All patients underwent GastroPanel® examination and those with AG/AAG biomarker profile were referred for gastroscopy and biopsy confirmation (the reference test). Of the 244 patients, biopsy-confirmed AG/AAG was found in 12.0 % (25/207) of the AITD- and in 10.8 % (4/37) of the DM1 patients. The overall agreement between GastroPanel® diagnoses (5 categories) and the gastroscopic biopsies (the same 5 diagnostic categories) was 88.1 % (95 % confidence interval, CI=78.3-93.5 %). The combined sensitivity and specificity of the GastroPanel test biomarker PGI in diagnosis of moderate/severe AG/AAG of the corpus was 93.9 % (95 %CI 87.0-100 %) and that of the PGI/PGII ratio even higher: 94.5 % (95 %CI 87.9-100 %) (1).” 

CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj:Substantial savings in health care costs could be achieved by the use GastroPanel® test with better allocation the endoscopic resources in primary care (10,14). It sounds feasible that the convincing evidence provided by this clinical study (1) would be soon adopted in the follow-up of these high-risk patients also in Finland, similarly as recommended by the Russian Federation for monitoring of the GC risks (15). In contrast to the fallacious statements of the national management guidelines in Finland (16). GastroPanel® is the first-line diagnostic test for Hp-infection, dyspepsia and reflux symptoms. In this indication, GastroPanel® is superior to 13C urea breath test (UBT) and stool antigen test (SAT), that fail to diagnose AG/AAG and the state of gastric acid output (3, 4,16, 17).”

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