BIOHIT PLC.  STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE  14.2.2001  AT 9:00     1 (12)

The  net sales of the Biohit Group increased by 18% compared with  the
previous  year  and totalled to MFIM 144.2. The gross investments  for
the  period  totalled  to  MFIM  42.0 (MFIM  7.6  in  1999).  Biohit's
investments in research & development, in increasing productivity  and
its  efficiency, and international marketing resulted in losses at the
Group  level. The Group operating loss totalled to MFIM 2.8. The  cash
flow provided by operating activities was MFIM 7.2 positive in 2000.

Net Sales

The  net sales of the Biohit Group increased by 18% compared with  the
previous  year,  i.e., from MFIM 122.2 to MFIM 144.2. The  growth  was
generated primarily by the sales of liquid handling products and their
disposables.  Foreign sales accounted for 96%, as has  been  the  case
also  in  earlier years. 53% of net sales were generated from European
countries, 19% from the Americas and the remaining 28% primarily  from


The operating loss for the reporting period totalled to MFIM 2.8 (MFIM
7.9 profit in 1999). The operating profit before goodwill amortization
totalled to MFIM 2.8 (MFIM 13.2) and loss per share FIM 0.37 (FIM 0.24

The  cash  flow provided by operating activities was MFIM 7.2 positive
in 2000.

Compared with the previous year the result was burdened by an increase
in  fixed costs, which was primarily due to additional investments  in
the   international  marketing  organization  and  the  research   and
development of diagnostics. In 2000 Biohit began the marketing of  the
diagnostic    products   and   made   preparations   for   large-scale

The  net  financial  expenses totalled to MFIM  0.6  (MFIM  3.0).  The
decrease of MFIM 2.4 compared with 1999 was primarily due to the  MFIM
1.6  interests accrued on the capital loans by 31.12.1999,  and  which
were recorded in 1999.

The  profit before extraordinary items totalled to MFIM 3.4 (MFIM 4.9)
and loss before taxes MFIM 2.0.

The  extraordinary income consisted primarily of the MFIM  1.4  profit
received from the sales of the shares of Wolf Laboratories Ltd.

                                                            2 (12)


The liquidity of the Biohit Group is good. Despite the decrease in the
result  the cash flow provided by operating activities were  MFIM  7.2
positive. The liquid assets decreased from MFIM 42.9 to 17.9 and  was
due to acquisitions in the U.S. and Russia (MFIM 10.3), investments in
the  production premises in Kajaani (MFIM 21.6) and MFIM 3.6 repayment
of  capital  loans  and  their interest. The  financial  position  was
improved  by the MFIM 4.5 interest-free loan and MFIM 2.0 damages  paid
by the City of Kajaani.

The gearing ratio changed from 66.0% at year end 1999 to 66.9%.


The  gross investments of the period totalled to MFIM 42.0 (MFIM 7.6),
for  which  a MFIM 5.0 investment support has been received  from  the
Ministry  of Trade and Industry. In 2000 the new production plant  was
finished in Kajaani. The total expenses of MFIM 21.6 were comprised of
MFIM  17.8  investments in the building and MFIM 3.8 in machinery  and
equipment.  Other investments in machinery and equipment  totalled  to
MFIM 8.2. Investments in immaterial assets were MFIM 1.9 and MFIM 10.3
in acquisitions.

Main Events of the Reporting Period

Research and Development

In  the  area  of liquid handling Biohit continued to  invest  in  the
development  of  new  pipettor  generations.  The  new  products   are
described  in  more detail under the section on liquid handling.  This
development  work  is based on Biohit's strategy in which  new  market
segments  have been identified. These segments differ from each  other
in  terms  of the area of application, performance and price.  In  the
area  of  diagnostics the development of the test panel for  screening
the  risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer, as well as other  tests,
proceeded according to plans. In fall 2000 Biohit's test panel  passed
successfully the clinical evaluation carried out at the Jorvi Hospital
in  Finland.  Also  the test for determining lactose  intolerance  and
systemic   lupus  erythematosus  (SLE)  were  successful  in  clinical

The research and development expenses of the Biohit Group
totalled to MFIM 10.1 (MFIM 7.5), i.e., 7.0% (6.2%) of the net sales.


The  liquid  handling products and the disposable  pipettor  tips  are
manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality system standards in the
Kajaani  and Helsinki plants. The main production plant is located  in
Kajaani whereas the Helsinki production unit serves as a pilot  plant.
The diagnostic tests are also produced in Helsinki.

                                                            3 (12)

Biohit's  new facilities for the assembly of liquid handling  products
and  injection molding of plastics were taken into use in  Kajaani  in
fall  2000. The injection molding department produces precision molded
plastic  components,  pipettor  parts and  disposable  pipettor  tips.
Investments  were  made  especially in  the  automation  of  injection
molding, materials handling and production. The new premises enable at
least  to  quadruple the current production volume of liquid  handling
products and plastics. As to the production of diagnostics a new clean
room  unit, which will replace the current pilot production,  will  be
finished in Helsinki in March 2001.

Intellectual Assets

Biohit focuses solely on those business areas in which it possesses  a
reliable  multidisciplinary scientific base,  technological  expertise
and inventions protected by patents.

The  comprehensive patent protection in Finland and abroad, which  has
resulted  form  Biohit's  aggressive  patenting  policy,  as  well  as
different  agreements,  have formed a solid  and  reliable  basis  for
Biohit's  growth and co-operation with other companies on  the  global
level.  Biohit's  patents, the high quality of products  and  accurate
deliveries have resulted in the continuation of long-term co-operation
with  multinational  companies such as Becton  Dickinson,  bioMérieux,
Johnson  &  Johnson and 3M. Also for this reason, the seven sales  and
marketing  subsidiaries of Biohit abroad have continued  their  growth
and favorable development. Likewise, the distributor network comprised
of approx. 60 main distributors worldwide has increasingly invested in
the sales and marketing of Biohit's products. Biohit will continue  to
pay  special  attention  on  the development  and  protection  of  its
multidisciplinary immaterial assets also in the future.

At  the end of 2000 Biohit possessed altogether 34 patents of which 20
were  Finnish, 10 U.S. and 4 European. In 2000 Biohit was awarded  the
following Finnish patents in the business area of liquid handling:  FI
104885,  FI  105782 and FI 105783. In the business area of diagnostics
Biohit  was  awarded the following Finnish patents: FI 104737  and  FI
106212.  In  accordance  with its aggressive patenting  policy  Biohit
filed  numerous patent applications in 2000 in Finland, most  European
countries, Japan, Russia and the U.S.

International Sales and Marketing
The  customer  base  of  Biohit consists of  leading  laboratories  of
research  institutes, universities, those of medical and biotechnology
companies  and  hospitals in the world. Also, the  food  industry  and
environmental control laboratories are important customers for Biohit.
In  addition,  Biohit  has  numerous OEM-customers  for  which  Biohit
manufactures  on  the basis of its technologies tailor-made  products.
Multinational companies such as Becton Dickinson, bioMérieux,  Johnson
&  Johnson  and 3M complement their own product ranges and  diagnostic
systems with Biohit's OEM-products.

                                                            4 (12)

The  international  co-operation  and  customer  service  network  for
Biohit's  liquid  handling  products,  diagnostics,  instruments   and
systems consists of:

1.Subsidiary  companies  of  Biohit Plc. in  France,  Germany,  Italy,
Japan,  Russia,  the U.K. and the U.S. The companies  are  located  on
Biohit's  most  important  market areas and  they  act  as  sales  and
marketing  units  for Biohit's products as well as offer  maintenance,
calibration  and  training services locally.  In  addition  to  Biohit
products,  the units engage in the sales of OEM- and private  label  -

2.  Biohit's  60  main distributors, which together with  their  local
distributors form a network of 450 members covering 70 countries.

3.  The  global distribution networks of Biohit's most important  OEM-
and private label -customers.

During  2000  Biohit invested especially in the reinforcement  of  its
marketing  network  in the U.S. and Russia. Moreover,  Biohit  entered
into  negotiations with several significant co-operation  partners  in
order  to  commence  the international launch of  the  diagnostic  and
instrument  product ranges as well as complete analyzing  systems.  In
2000 Biohit began to offer more extensive maintenance services in  its
foreign subsidiaries for Biohit-labelled pipettors and also for  those
manufactured  by  other  companies. In connection  with  this,  Biohit
continued  to  develop  and  harmonize the  international  maintenance
network for its liquid handling products.

Corporate Arrangements in 2000

Biohit Systems, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Biohit Plc., acquired  on
April  25,  2000 the entire share capital of the U.S. company  Vangard
International,  Inc.,  which has acted as a  distributor  of  Biohit's
products.  As  a  result of the acquisition Biohit Plc.  received  all
business activities of Vangard International, Inc. including the sales
and  marketing of Biohit products in the U.S. Through the  acquisition
Biohit clarified and reinforced the sales and marketing as well as the
maintenance and calibration services for its products in the U.S.

It  was  decided  on  December  14, 2000  that  Locus  genex  Oy,  the
subsidiary  company of Biohit Plc. specializing in the development  of
diagnostics,  will be integrated more closely with the  Biohit  Group.
The  extraordinary general meeting of Locus genex Oy decided  on  Dec.
14, 2000 to place the company in voluntary liquidation after which the
company  will be dissolved and all business operations transferred  to
Biohit  Plc.  The  purpose of the reorganization is  to  transfer  the
business  areas of liquid handling, instruments and diagnostics  under
one company and brand name and in this way gain more efficiency in the
marketing  and  distribution of the said products. The  reorganization
will  also  eliminate  overlapping activities and  cut  administrative
expenses.  The  aim is to complete the reorganization by  the  end  of
                                                            5 (12)

Biohit  Plc.  acquired on Dec. 29, 2000  44% of  the  Russian  company
Finnbio  Ltd.,  which  acts  primarily as the  distributor  of  Biohit
products  in  Russia  and other CIS-countries.  As  a  result  of  the
acquisition  Biohit's ownership of the shares and votes  increased  to
100%.  Prior to the acquisition Biohit's shares and votes totalled  to
56%,  which resulted from Biohit acquiring 100% of the Finnish company
Oy Finio Ab on May 15, 2000.

Biohit Plc. sold on Dec. 29, 2000 its majority share, i.e., 51% of the
U.K.  company Wolf Laboratories, Ltd. The majority share was  acquired
by  the minority shareholders at the time. Wolf Laboratories Ltd.  has
acted in the U.K., e.g., as the distributor of Biohit products as well
as  the laboratory products of other manufacturers. The purpose of the
transaction  was  to clarify the Biohit Group structure  so  that  the
Group  companies  will  concentrate on the manufacture  and  sales  of
Biohit  products.  Wolf  Laboratories Ltd.  will  continue  after  the
transaction,  together with Biohit's U.K. subsidiary Biohit  Ltd.,  as
the local distributor for Biohit products in the U.K.

In  May  2000  Biohit  Ltd. established together with  Stuart  Mead  a
company specializing in the maintenance of pipettors. Biohit Ltd. owns
50% of the said company.

Business Areas

Liquid Handling

In  the  area  of liquid handling Biohit continued to  invest  in  the
development  of  new  pipettor generations. This development  work  is
based on Biohit's liquid handling product strategy in which new market
segments  have been identified. These segments differ from each  other
in terms of the area of application, performance and price.

In its development of liquid handling products Biohit has paid special
attention  on  the  safety and ergonomic aspects of  pipettors,  which
contribute,  e.g.,  to  reducing the risk of work-related  upper  limb

In  2000  Biohit finished the development of the new eLINE,  ePET  and
ViscoPet  pipettor  ranges.  The development  work  followed  Biohit's
product  strategy  to  segment the pipettor market  according  to  the
different needs of customers and their cost sensitivity.

The  eLINE  is a new generation of electronic pipettors, which  offers
the  latest  technology  in  the field of  hand-held  liquid  handling
devices.  The range was designed to meet the most demanding  pipetting
applications  offering, thus, e.g., eleven liquid  handling  protocols
for  the  various  needs of today's laboratories. The  microprocessor-
controlled  system and the novel construction of the  eLINE  pipettors
enable  maximum  liquid  handling  performance  with  high  levels  of
accuracy  and  precision. The ergonomic design of the  eLINE  together
with the unique electronic tip ejection are examples of Biohit's

                                                            6 (12)

continuous efforts to improve further the ergonomy and competitiveness
of pipetting.

The  eLINE  received  an honorary award on Feb. 1,  2001  in  the  Pro
Finnish Design 2001 competition arranged by Design Forum Finland,  and
the  product was subsequently displayed at the Pro Finnish Design 2001
Exhibition. The first models of the eLINE will be launched in February

In  2000 Biohit finished and launched the entire ePET -pipettor range,
which  is  a  cost effective alternative to electronic pipetting.  The
range  is  especially  targeted, in terms of  price,  performance  and
software, for the needs of research laboratories. The ePET can perform
all  the basic pipetting functions, e.g. dispensing and diluting,  and
it  is  intended as a more ergonomical alternative to the high  priced
end of mechanical pipettors.

Biohit  also  finished and launched the electronic ViscoPet  pipettor,
which has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of those
laboratories in which it is necessary to pipette viscous liquids  with
high  levels  of  accuracy.  The use of  special  long-reach  Viscotip
capillaries makes the ViscoPet particularly suitable for the needs  of
laboratories processing food and dairy products.

In  the  area  of  electronic  liquid handling  Biohit  continued  the
development of OEM-products, which complement the product  ranges  and
diagnostic  systems of other companies. For example, Biohit  developed
for Beckman Coulter an electronic HbA1c pipettor. Moreover, the Remote
Control  (RC)  -unit  developed by Biohit, which is  a  front-end  for
different automated liquid handling instrumentation and robots, serves
the  development work of automatic instruments of other companies  and
that  of  Biohit.  Biohit  continued  also  to  develop  further   the
disposable pipettors tips and their production with new and  efficient
injection molding tools and robots.

The  calibration laboratory for liquid handling devices of Biohit Plc.
was accredited on March 20, 2000 as a result of the evaluation made by
the  Finnish  Accreditation Service (FINAS), a member of the  European
Cooperation   for  Accreditation  (EA).  The  accreditation   of   the
calibration  for liquid handling products performed in the  production
plants in Helsinki and Kajaani reinforces Biohit's market position  as
one  of  the  leading manufacturers of liquid handling devices.  There
exist  only  two accredited calibration laboratories in the  world  of
companies  manufacturing  liquid handling devices  of  which  Biohit's
laboratory  is  the  most  accurate  within  the  following  scope  of

                                                            7 (12)

The  Scope  of  Accreditation  and Measurement  Capability  of  the
Calibration Laboratory of Biohit Plc.

                        Scope of Accreditation
 Quantity             Measurement range      Measurement
                                             capability (+/-)
 Volume               0.1 - 5.0 ul           0.015 ul
                      10 ul                  0.025 ul
                      50 ul                  0.080 ul
                      100 ul                 0.100 ul
                      200 ul                 0.100 ul
                      500 ul                 0.520 ul
                      1000 ul                0.520 ul
                      5000 ul                3.600 ul

As  a  result of the accreditation Biohit is able to offer  to  its
customers  worldwide calibration certificates for  liquid  handling
devices,  which are based on national and international,  traceable
measurement standards. The traceable calibration certificates  form
already  now  an  important part of the reliable analysis  services
provided by laboratories. As a result of the accreditation,  Biohit
is  able to fulfil the international traceability requirements  set
for  liquid  handling  devices. The number of  Biohit's  accredited
calibration laboratory is K041.


In  the business area of diagnostics the development of the test panel
for  screening  the risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer  proceeded
according  to  plans. In 2000 the Pepsinogen I and II, the  Gastrin-17
and the Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) -tests were finished.

In  fall  2000  Biohit's test panel passed successfully  the  clinical
evaluation  carried out at the Jorvi Hospital in Finland.  During  the
evaluation  100  patients underwent gastroscopy  and  the  microscopic
examination  of  the biopsies taken from the mucous  membrane  of  the
stomach.  Various types of gastric diseases were diagnosed in  approx.
40%  of  the patients selected to participate in the study. The  serum
Pepsinogen  I  and  Gastrin 17 -concentrations and  the  H.  pylori  -
antibodies  were determined from the blood samples of the patients  by
using Biohit's test panel. When the results produced by Biohit's  test
panel  were  compared  with the diagnoses made on  the  basis  of  the
gastroscopy  and  biopsies, it was found that the sensitivity  of  the
test  panel  was over 90%. This means that the test panel is  able  to
find  nearly  all those patients who have been diagnosed  ill  on  the
basis  of  the results of the gastroscopy and analysis of  the  biopsy
samples.  Furthermore, the test panel was able to classify  correctly,
with  a  specificity of 90%, those patients who did not suffer from  a
gastric disease or the disease was mild.

                                                            8 (12)

Biohit's  monoclonal antibody tests (Pepsinogen I and II,  Gastrin-17)
for screening the risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer proved to be
highly specific also in immunohistochemistry. This expands the area of
use  of  the  Biohit's  monoclonal antibodies, e.g.,  to  pathological
laboratories.  Prior  to this Biohit has had for  sale  25  monoclonal
antibodies  applicable  to  immunohistochemistry.  In  the   area   of
phytoestrogens  Biohit continued to develop monoclonal antibodies  for
Enterolactone and Genistein.

In 2000 the clinical evaluations continued for Biohit's quick test for
determining  lactose intolerance and the telomere  antibody  test  for
detecting  systemic  lupus erythematosus (SLE). During  the  financial
year the range of tests for diagnosing celiac disease was complemented
with an endomysium IgA -test.

In 2000 Biohit commenced the processes of obtaining official approvals
in  Europe  (CE  marking),  in the U.S. (approval  by  Food  and  Drug
Administration)  and  Japan. After receiving  the  approvals  Biohit's
diagnostic products can be sold also for clinical use on these  market


In  order  to  serve  its customer base also with  complete  analyzing
systems, which are comprised of liquid handling products, diagnostics,
instruments,  software  and service, Biohit  began  the  purchases  of
private  label  -liquid handling and microplate instruments  from  the
U.S.  Bio-Tek  Instruments,  Inc.  in  accordance  with  the  contract
concluded in August 2000.

In  2000  Biohit  began  the sales and marketing  of  state-of-the-art
microplate  readers  and  washers.  The  instruments  with  integrated
keyboard,  LCD-display, interface and extensive  menu-driven  software
can serve as stand-alone instruments or as part of a larger laboratory
information management system (LIMS) when connected to a host  device,
such as a PC.

Although Biohit's readers and washers are intended for a wide range of
assays  they are delivered with pre-programmed protocols for  Biohit's
diagnostic  tests, e.g. for Pepsinogen-I, Gastrin-17 and  Helicobacter
pylori. This ensures ease-of-use, optimal operation and verified  test
reporting and results.

Development of the Price of Biohit's B-Share

In 2000 the turnover of Biohit's B-share at the Helsinki Exchanges was
EUR  27,106,757.46 and 3,646,849 in pieces. The highest price was  EUR
13.50, the lowest EUR 4.20 and the average price EUR 7.43. The closing
price  at  the  end  of  2000 was EUR 6.20.  In  2000  the  number  of
shareholders increased by 50% to over 4,000.

                                                            9 (12)

Increases in Share Capital

On the basis of the first subscription period by the personnel options
1.1.-1.4.2000 the personnel of Biohit subscribed altogether 378,840 B-
shares  of the total of 400,000. The subscription price was FIM  12.50
per share. As a result of the subscriptions the total number of shares
rose  to  12,643,377  pieces.  The  share  capital  increased  by  EUR
64,402.86  to  EUR  2,149,374.09. The premium fund  increased  by  EUR

Administration and Personnel

During the reporting period the following persons have been member  of
the  Board of Directors of Biohit Plc. Professor Reijo Luostarinen  as
the  Chairman  and  Osmo Suovaniemi, M.D., Ph.D. and Professor  Mårten
Wikström as members. Pekka Salonoja, the Chairman of the Board of Erja-
Kiinteistöt Oy Pekka Salonoja acted as a member until April  6,  2000.
Osmo Suovaniemi has acted as the President & CEO.

SVH  Pricewaterhouse  Coopers  Oy  have  acted  as  Authorized  Public
Accountants and Hannele Selesvuo as the Authorized Public Accountant.

Future Prospects

The  considerable  investment made in 2000  earlier  in  research  and
development,  production  and  the global  co-operation  and  customer
service  network  will have a positive impact on profitability  as  of

The net sales of Biohit Group for 2001 is anticipated to demonstrate a
growth of at least 20%. The major part of the net sales is forecast to
be generated by the sales of liquid handling products. Furthermore, it
is  forecast  that  diagnostics, instruments and systems  composed  of
liquid  handling products, diagnostics and instruments will produce  a
significant increase in the net sales and profitability for 2001.

Group Income Statement

                          1-12 2000          Change         1-12 1999
                          MFIM   MEUR             %              MFIM
 Net sales               144.2   24.2            18             122.2
 Operating expenses     -147.0  -24.7            29            -114.3
 Operating profit         -2.8   -0.5          -135               7.9
 Financial expenses                                                  
 (net)                    -0.6   -0.1           -80              -3.0
 Profit before                                                       
 extraordinary items      -3.4   -0.6          -169               4.9
 Extraordinary income      1.4    0.2           -30               2.0
 Profit before taxes      -2.0   -0.3          -129               6.9
 Profit for the           -3.7   -0.6          -190               4.1

                                                            10 (12)

Group Balance Sheet

                             31.12.2000             31.12.1999
                          MFIM    MEUR       %        MFIM         %
 Non-current assets       67.6    11.4      47        52.5        36
 Current assets                                                     
   Inventories            22.5     3.8      15        14.1        10
   Receivables            38.4     6.4      26        37.3        25
   Cash and cash                                               
   equivalents            17.9     3.0      12        42.9        29
 Total assets            146.4    24.6     100       146.8       100
 Liabilities and                                                    
 shareholders' equity                                               
 Shareholders' equity                                               
   Share capital          12.8     2.1       9        12.4         8
   Share premium fund     88.6    14.9      61        84.2        58
   profits/ losses        -3.7    -0.6      -3         0.0         0
   Capital loans           6.7     1.1       5         8.6         6
 Minority interest         0.3     0.1       0         0.3         0
 Provisions                0.0     0.0       0         0.1         0
 Long-term                16.6     2.8      11        17.0        12
 liabilities              25.1     4.2      17        24.2        16
 Total liabilities                                                  
 and shareholders'                                                  
 equity                  146.4    24.6     100       146.8       100

                        1-12/00      Muutos     Muutos-%     1-12/99
   Fixed assets            42.0        34.4         453%         7.6
 Employees, average         222          38          21%         184

                                                            11 (12)

                                      31.12.2000          31.12.1999
 Mortgages and shares pledged                                       
 for liabilities, MFIM                                              
 Loans from financial                                               
 institutions                               16.5                20.9
   Corporate mortgages                      20.1                20.1
   Pledged shares, book value                0.0                 0.4
   Total                                    20.1                20.5
 Other long-term liabilities                 4.5                 0.0
   Mortgages                                 4.5                 0.0
 Other short-term liabilities                0.2                 0.0
   Corporate mortgages                       0.6                 0.0
 Other commitments, MFIM                                            
   Pledged shares, book value                0.0                 0.8
   Pledged securities                        0.0                 0.4
   Total                                     0.0                 1.2
 Leasing commitments, MFIM                  25.2                21.8
 Ratios per share                                                   
   Earnings per share, FIM                 -0.37                0.24
   Shareholders' equity                                             
   per share, FIM                           7.73                7.88

Derivative Contracts

The Group does not have any off balance sheet financial instruments.

Interest on Capital Loans

The  unrecorded interest accrued on capital loans totalled to MFIM 2.1
on Dec. 31, 2000 and on to MFIM 1.7 on Dec. 31, 1999.

Proposal for the Distribution of Profit

The Group does not have distributable earnings. The Board of Directors
proposes that no dividends be paid.

The figures of the Interim Report are unaudited.

Helsinki, February 14, 2001

Board of Directors of Biohit Plc.

                                                            12 (12)

Biohit Plc.

Helena Hentola
Information Management and Communications

Additional information:  Osmo Suovaniemi, President & CEO, tel: +358-9-
                         773 861, direct: +358-9-773 86 250, mobile:
                         +358-50 556 5605, fax: +358-9-773 86 205.


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