BIOHIT PLC.  STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE  8.11.2000 at  10:00         1 (7)

The  net  sales  of  the  Biohit Group,  operating  in  the  areas  of
biotechnology and high technology, increased by 15% compared with  the
previous  year  and  totalled to MFIM 100.0. Biohit's  investments  in
research & development, in increasing productivity and its efficiency,
and international marketing resulted in losses at the Group level. The
gross  investments  for the period totalled to  MFIM  32.2  (MFIM  3.9
during  the corresponding period last year). The Group operating  loss
totalled  to MFIM 1.2. The cash flow provided by operating  activities
was approx. MFIM 3.0 positive during the reporting period.

Net Sales

The  net  sales of the Biohit Group for January-September totalled  to
MFIM  100.0  (MFIM 87.2 for the corresponding period in  1999),  i.e.,
demonstrating a growth of 15% compared with the previous year. The net
sales  were  generated  primarily  by  liquid  handling  products  and
disposables used in liquid handling. The growth of net sales  met  the
targets set and was affected, on its part, by the acquisitions carried
out during the reporting period in the U.S. and Russia.


The  profit before goodwill amortizations totalled to MFIM 3.0 million
(MFIM  9.2  for the corresponding period in 1999). The operating  loss
for  the  period totalled to MFIM 1.2 (MFIM 5.2 profit). However,  the
cash  flow  provided  by operating activities  was  approx.  MFIM  3.0
positive during the reporting period.

Compared with the previous year, the loss was caused by an increase in
fixed  costs  which  consisted  primarily  of  expenses  related  with
international  marketing efforts in the area of  liquid  handling,  as
well as of research & development expenses and preparation to commence
the production and marketing of the diagnostic products.

The  loss  before extraordinary items totalled to MFIM 1.3  (MFIM  5.0
profit in 1999).

The  MFIM 1.3 income taxes have been accounted for on the basis of the
profit for the period.

Financial Situation

The  liquidity  of the Biohit Group continues to be good.  The  equity
ratio  was  67.2  %.  Primarily due to investments  made  in  the  new
production  premises  in Kajaani and the MFIM  2.0  repayment  of  the
capital  loans, the liquid assets of the Company decreased  from  MFIM
30.5  to  MFIM  19.5 during the third quarter. The  approx.  MFIM  5.0
support to be received from The Ministry of Trade and Industry for the
new  production plant in Kajaani as well as the MFIM 4.5 interest-free
loan for 10 years and the MFIM 2.0 million indemnity to be received
                                                                 2 (7)

from  the City of Kajaani will have a positive effect on the financial


The gross investments for the period totalled to MFIM 32.2 (MFIM 3.9).
Investments  in  acquisitions in the U.S. and  Russia  were  MFIM  9.6
during  the  second quarter. Biohit Systems, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary
of Biohit Plc., acquired on April 25, 2000 the entire share capital of
the  U.S.  company Vangard International, Inc., which has acted  as  a
distributor  of  Biohit's  products. As a result  of  the  acquisition
Biohit Plc. received all business activities of Vangard International,
Inc.  including the sales and marketing of Biohit products in the U.S.
Biohit  acquired  on  May 15, 2000 the entire  share  capital  of  the
Finnish company Oy Finio Ab. As a result of the acquisition the shares
and votes of Biohit Plc. in the Russian Finnbio Ltd. increased to 56%.

The  construction  of  the  new production  premises  in  Kajaani  was
completed during the reporting period. During the reporting period the
overall  expenses  of the project after the support totalled  to  MFIM
13.9 of which the share of the building was approx. MFIM 12.5 and that
of  machinery  and equipment MFIM 1.4. Other investments in  machinery
and  equipment totalled to MFIM 7.3. Investments in immaterial  rights
were MFIM 1.3.

Research and Development

In  the  business area of liquid handling Biohit continued during  the
reporting  period  to  invest  in  the  development  of  new  pipettor
generations. This development work is based on the Company's  strategy
in  which  new  market segments have been identified.  These  segments
differ   from  each  other  in  terms  of  the  area  of  application,
performance and price.

The Company finished during the reporting period the entire electronic
ePET -pipettor range, which is especially targeted, in terms of price,
performance  and  software,  for the needs of  research  laboratories.
Biohit has also developed the electronic ViscoPet for use with viscous
liquids which are difficult to pipette.

During  the  reporting period Biohit has continued the development  of
OEM-products  for  complementing the  product  ranges  and  diagnostic
systems  of  other  companies. For example, Biohit has  developed  for

Beckman  Coulter  an electronic Biohit HbA1c pipettor.  Moreover,  the
Remote  Control (RC) -unit developed by Biohit serves the  development
work  of automatic instruments of other companies and those of Biohit.
The  Company  has  also  continued to develop further  the  disposable
pipettors tips and their production.

In  the business area of diagnostics the development of the test panel
for  screening  the risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer  proceeded
according to plans. During the reporting period Biohit's test panel


passed  successfully the clinical evaluation carried out at the  Jorvi
Hospital in Finland.

During  the  evaluation  100 patients underwent  gastroscopy  and  the
microscopic examination of the biopsies taken from the mucous membrane
of  the  stomach. Various types of gastric diseases were diagnosed  in
approx. 40% of the patients selected to participate in the study.  The
serum Pepsinogen I and Gastrin 17 -concentrations and the Helicobacter
pylori  (H. pylori) antibodies were determined from the blood  samples
of  the  patients  by  using Biohit's test  panel.  When  the  results
produced by Biohit's test panel were compared with the diagnoses  made
on  the  basis of the gastroscopy and biopsies, it was found that  the
sensitivity of the test panel was over 90%, i.e., the test panel finds
nearly all those patients who have been diagnosed ill on the basis  of
the  results  of  the gastroscopy and analysis of the biopsy  samples.
Furthermore,  the  test panel was able to classify correctly,  with  a
specificity of 90%, those patients who did not suffer from  a  gastric
disease or the disease was mild.

International Sales and Marketing

The  value  of  the total market for mechanical and electronic  liquid
handling  devices  (pipettors) and their  disposable  tips  totals  to
approx.  MUSD 500 annually. According to Biohit's estimate the  market
potential  may  even  exceed MUSD 1500 when taking into  consideration
Biohit's new technologies and innovations as well as the new potential
market segments for the future products. Moreover, the maintenance and
accredited  calibration services offered by the Company reinforce  the
competitive  position  of  Biohit  as  well  as  increase  the  market
potential and size of the traditional markets.

It  has  been estimated that the global market potential for  Biohit's
diagnostic  tests  totals  to  USD  5  billion.  Biohit  is  currently
commencing  the  marketing of its diagnostic tests through  its  seven
subsidiaries  and  numerous  distributors,  as  well  as  negotiations
concerning co-operation with large multinational companies,  e.g.,  in
Japan  and Canada. In certain Asian and Near Eastern countries  Biohit
is  negotiating  with the Ministries of Health on  the  deliveries  of
Biohit's diagnostic test systems.

In the business area of instruments Biohit Plc. concluded on August 3,
2000  with the U.S. company Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. an agreement  on
the  basis  of  which  Bio-Tek  Instruments,  Inc.  began  during  the
reporting period the deliveries of instruments employing the  vertical
measurement  principle  to  Biohit.  These  instruments  are  used  in
research, industrial and health care laboratories for the analysis  of
samples. Co-operation with Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. enables Biohit to
offer,  in  accordance  with  its business  plan,  complete  analyzing
systems  for  its  customers  worldwide.  The  analyzing  systems  are
comprised  of liquid handling products, diagnostic tests,  instruments
used  for  analyzing  the  test results as  well  as  maintenance  and
training services.

                                                                 4 (7)


Biohit's  new  production plant was finished  according  to  plans  in
Kajaani  during the reporting period. The floor area of  the  building
totals to 3,226 square meters and the cubical content to 19,600 cubes.
All  of Biohit's approx. 80 employees working in Kajaani relocated  to
the  new  premises. The new production plant enables Biohit to  locate
all its activities in Kajaani to one site as well as the production of
pipettors,  their  disposable  tips  and  plastics  related  with  the
business areas of diagnostics and instruments. The new premises enable
at  least  to  triple the current production volume of  pipettors  and

Prospects for the Remaining Part of 2000

Biohit  estimates that the Group net sales for year 2000 will increase
by approx. 15% compared with the previous year. The net sales for 2000
will  still  be  primarily generated by the sales of  liquid  handling

Investments in international marketing and expenses related  with  the
research  & development of the diagnostics products burden the  result
for  2000 more than forecast. It is estimated that the result for 2000
will  be somewhat negative and the net cash flow provided by operating
activities positive.

Group Income Statement

                            1-9 2000    1-9  Change  Change  1-12 1999
                            MFIM MEUR  MFIM    MFIM       %       MFIM
Net sales                  100.0 16.8  87.2    12.8      15      122.2
Operating expenses          91.0 15.3  72.7    18.3      25      101.7
Depreciation excluding                                                
 goodwill amortization       6.0  1.0   5.3     0.7      13        7.2
Amortization on goodwill     4.2  0.7   4.0     0.2       5        5.4
Operating profit/loss       -1.2 -0.2   5.2    -6.4    -123        7.9
Financial expenses (net)     0.1  0.0   0.2    -0.1     -50        3.0
Profit/loss before                                                    
extraordinary items         -1.3 -0.2   5.0    -6.3    -126        4.9
Extraordinary income         0.0  0.0   0.0     0.0       0        2.0
Profit/loss before taxes    -1.3 -0.2   5.0    -6.3    -126        6.9
Profit/loss for the                                                   
period                      -2.8 -0.5   3.4    -6,2    -182        4.1

                                                                 5 (7)

Group Balance Sheet

                            30.9.2000        30.9.1999    31.12.1999
Assets                  MFIM   MEUR     %     MFIM     %    MFIM    %
Fixed assets            67.1   11.3    45     52.1    35    52.5   36
Inventories and                                                      
financial assets                                                     
 Inventories            22.0    3.7    15     15.1    10    14.1   10
 Receivables            40.0    6.7    27     28.4    19    37.3   25
 Liquid funds           19.5    3.3    13     54.7    36    42.9   29
Total assets           148.6   25.0   100    150.3   100   146.8  100
Liabilities and                                                      
shareholders' equity                                                 
Shareholders' equity                                                 
 Share capital          12.8    2.2     9     12.4     8    12.4    8
 Share premium fund     88.6   14.9    60     84.2    56    84.2   58
 profits / losses       -2.3   -0.4    -1     -0.8     0     0.0    0
 Capital loans           6.7    1.1     4      8.5     6     8.6    6
Minority interest        0.8    0.1     0      0.4     0     0.3    0
Provisions               0.0    0.0     0      0.0     0     0.1    0
Long-term liabilities   12.6    2.1     8     21.0    14    17.0   12
liabilities             29.4    5.0    20     24.6    16    24.2   16
Total liabilities and                                                
shareholders' equity   148.6   25.0   100    150.3   100   146.8  100

                        1-9/00   1-9/99    Change  Change-%   1-12/99
Investments, gross,                                                  
MFIM                      32.2      3.9      28.3       726       7.6
Staff, average             209      183        26        14       184

                                                                 6 (7)

                                  30.9.2000    30.9.1999   31.12.1999
Mortgages and shares pledged                                         
for liabilities, MFIM                                                
Loans from financial                                                 
institutions                           17.9         25.0         20.9
     Corporate mortgages               20.1         20.1         20.1
     Pledges given                        0          0.3          0.4
     Total                             20.1         21.6         20.5
Other pledges, MFIM                       0          1.2          1.2
Leasing commitments, MFIM              25.0         17.5         21.8
Ratios per share                                                     
     Equity ratio, %                   67.2         63.9         66.0
     Earnings per share, FIM          -0.23         0.31         0.24
     Shareholders' equity                                            
     per share, FIM                    7.84         7.81         7.88
     Average no. of shares       12,549,790   11,041,097   11,354,957
     No. of shares at the                                            
      end of the period          12,643,377   12,264,537   12,264,537

Derivative Contracts

The Group does not have any off balance sheet financial instruments.

Interest on Capital Loans

The  unrecorded  interest accrued on capital loans on Sept.  30,  2000
totalled to MFIM 2.0 and on Dec. 31, 1999 MFIM 1.7.

The figures of the Interim Report are unaudited.

Helsinki, November 8, 2000

Board of Directors of Biohit Plc.

Overview on Biohit

Biohit,  operating in the areas of biotechnology and high  technology,
develops,  manufactures  and  markets  liquid  handling  products  and
accessories  as well as diagnostic test systems for use  in  research,
health care and industrial laboratories.

In  the  business area of liquid handling Biohit's main  products  are
electronic  and  mechanical  pipettors  and  their  disposable   tips.
Currently,  Biohit's range of electronic and mechanical  pipettors  is
the  widest in the world. Biohit is also the global market  leader  of
electronic pipettors with an approx. 70% share of the world markets.

                                                                 7 (7)

In  the business area of diagnostics Biohit develops, manufactures and
markets  test kits based on the enzyme immunoassay (EIA)  -method  and
monoclonal antibodies for the screening of different types of disease.
Biohit's diagnostic product range includes, e.g., a unique test  panel
for  screening the risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer from  blood
samples,  and  tests for the detection of lactose intolerance,  celiac
disease and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

In  order to be able to offer total solutions (analyzing systems)  for
its  customer  base, Biohit's product range includes, in  addition  to
liquid  handling products and diagnostics, instruments  used  for  the
analysis  of  test results. Moreover, Biohit offers as a part  of  its
product  and marketing strategy maintenance, calibration and  training
services through the Group companies and its distributors.

Biohit's  production plants are located in Kajaani and  Helsinki.  The
sales  and  marketing  subsidiaries  abroad  are  located  in  France,
Germany,  Italy,  Japan,  Russia,  the  U.K.  and  the  U.S.  Biohit's
distributor network including altogether over 200 members  and  covers
approx 50 countries.

Biohit's B-shares have been quoted on the New Market (NM) -list of the
Helsinki Exchanges since June 1999.

Biohit Plc.

Helena Hentola
Information Management & Communications

Additional information:  Osmo Suovaniemi, President & CEO, tel: +358-9-
                         773 861, direct: +358-9-773 86 250, mobile:
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