Biolight signs agreement with one of Europe's leading dental companies

Biolight signs agreement with one of Europe's leading dental companies Biolight has signed an agreement regarding its distribution in Finland with Plandent Oyj. Plandent is a member of the Planmeca group, with a turnover of approximately SEK 2.9 billion (EUR 300 million) and about 1,300 employees. The Planmeca group sells in more than 80 countries. Plandent has subsidiaries and distribution companies in Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and the Baltic States. "Plandent Oyj has started marketing and sales activities for Biolight in Finland. We work in close co-operation with the Dental college at the University of Helsinki and with Dr. Kimmo Suomalainen, who is also responsible for in-service training within the dental association Finska Tandläkarsällskapet. Plandent is a member of the Planmeca group, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental units and dental X- rays. This provides a great potential and numerous possibilities for successful international co-operation," says Tero Riikonen, vice president of Plandent Oyj. "This is a very important agreement for Biolight, not least because of the very good reputation and large international network of the Planmeca group. Biolight will initially launch the product in Finland, but together with Plandent there are great possibilities for expanding sales to other countries," says Christer Wallin, President of Biolight International AB. "The agreement with Plandent enables us to seriously expand our sales, and makes our continued network development easier," says Thomas Ericsson, responsible for the business area Dental Care. Facts: The Planmeca group consists of five divisions: Planmeca, Plandent, Planmed, Opus System and LM Instrument. The Planmeca group has annual sales of around SEK 2.9 million (EUR 300 million) and employs about 1,300 people. Planmeca Oyj, the Finnish parent company of the Planmeca group, was founded in 1971. Planmeca manufactures high-tech dental equipment, including dental units, panoramic X-rays, intraoral X-rays, intraoral cameras and equipment for digital imaging X-rays. The equipment is integrated in an "All in One" concept for dentists, where digital information used in modern dental care is controlled in an ergonomically efficient way. More than 98 % of Planmeca's production is exported to over 80 countries. As a producer and supplier of equipment, Planmeca has a significant market share in several countries in Europe and the USA. Planmeca is the third biggest dental manufacturer in Europe. Plandent has subsidiaries and distribution companies in Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and the Baltic States. Facts about Biolight: Biolight is a medical technology company, which has developed a unique product for the treatment of damaged cells. The product, which is patent protected, is based on a method where light of a certain wavelength (monochromatic light) and pulse frequency is applied during specific periods of time. This light provides energy to the cell, increasing its activity and initiating healing. Without sufficient energy a cell is not strong enough to contribute to healing. The method speeds the healing processes and supplements traditional treatment. It contributes to improved life quality and reduces treatment costs. The treatment is non-pharmaceutical (not a drug) and external. It is easy to administer, painless and does not involve any side effects. Today, Biolight is successfully used in wound care, dental care and rehabilitation. Clinical studies, involving the same stringent design as in drug studies, have shown that the Biolight method significantly reduces time to healing, for gum inflammation as well as for chronic wounds. A phase III study regarding gingivitis shows that inflammations in patients treated with Biolight® were reduced by 87 per cent more than in patients receiving traditional treatment. Biolight International AB is a medical technology company, offering its customers, including patients, nursing staffs and authorities, various products and services based on the company's patented method for the use of pulsating, monochromatic light. The company aims to improve the quality of life for the patients and reduce the time to healing and treatment costs significantly. Through systematically executed clinical trials, Biolight is gradually extending the scientific basis needed to guarantee the method a solid position in the health care field. During the past few years, Biolight has focused on a small number of indication areas grouped around wound healing. For further information, please visit Biolight's homepage or contact Christer Wallin, President of Biolight International AB, on +46-(0)8-622 52 70. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: