First commercial order from National Health

First commercial order from National Health Biolight has signed its first agreement with the home medical care service in western Göteborg, Sweden, regarding treatment of patients with chronic wounds. The Biolight® treatment has been evaluated during spring 2002. Six selected patients with chronic wounds have received treatment for two months. The patients with chronic wounds (6 months - 5 years) have all demonstrated significant healing after treatment with Biolight®, and two wounds have healed completely during this test period. The treatment has been administered by home care nurses 2 - 3 times per week. The company has signed a 2-year leasing agreement with the home medical care service in the western part of Göteborg. This agreement covers both equipment and treatment. The company has also signed a similar 1-year agreement with Hemmet för Gamla (a home for elderly people) in Stockholm. Christer Traneroth, physician of the western Göteborg home medical care service, states: "The result of this test exceeds our high expectations. It will be exciting to see what we can achieve through regular treatment during a longer period of time on the large number of patients in our district suffering from chronic wounds. The test indicates that we now have a new, efficient treatment tool which will serve as a decisive complement to our wound treatment, making it more efficient." Christer Wallin, President of Biolight International AB, states: "It is with great satisfaction that the company can now show that we are able to make a decisive contribution to medical care by offering an efficient method for wound treatment. Furthermore, the outcome of the test in Göteborg proves that the good results we have obtained in our clinical research are also valid in actual use within home medical care. The agreements cover a limited number of devices, but represent important reference orders in a market with great potential." As has been reported earlier, Biolight has shown very good results in phase-III trials regarding the effects on treatment of decubitus ulcers. Analysis of data from two randomised, double-blind and placebo- controlled phase-III studies on the effects on the healing of decubitus ulcers, grade 2, during treatment with Biolight®, shows a statistically significant difference in effect of 61% 1) (p=0.0394) between patients treated with Biolight® compared to placebo-treated patients. The study has been carried out at 9 centres in Sweden and Denmark. The healing of the wounds has the same pattern and speed as in the earlier studies. The result shows that the time to healing after treatment with Biolight® was reduced by 36%. 163 patients (79 Biolight®, 84 placebo) are included in the analysis. For further information, please contact: Christer Wallin, President of Biolight International AB, on +46-(0)8-622 52 70. Biolight International AB is a medical technology company that offers its customers, including patients, health care personnel and authorities, various products and services based on the company's patented method for the use of pulsating monochromatic light. The company aims to improve the patients' quality of life and significantly reduce healing time as well as treatment expenses. Through systematically performed clinical trials, Biolight is gradually expanding its scientific basis to establish the method within the health care system. In recent years, Biolight has focused on a small number of indication areas grouped around wound healing. For further information, please visit Biolight's home page The effect expressed as the difference in reduction of normalised wound area between the groups in week 12. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: