Breakthrough for RescueFlow in Europe

PRESS RELEASE Breakthrough for RescueFlow ® in Europe Karolinska Hospital and South Hospital include RescueFlow in prehospital routine care. Karolinska Hospital and South Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, have included RescueFlow in the SOPs, Standard Operating Procedures, for prehospital care. This is a prerequisite for routine care and broader usage of RescueFlow in ambulances and helicopters. The process was initiated almost one year ago by the trauma care groups at the two hospitals in cooperation with the management of BioPhausia and leading specialists. The trauma committees at Karolinska Hospital and South Hospital have developed the routines and recommend RescueFlow® for routine use in prehospital care. Leading trauma centres --Karolinska Hospital and South Hospital Karolinska Hospital and South Hospital, with their excellent reputation as leading centres, will become important reference centres for increased international use of RescueFlow . Structurally the inclusion of RescueFlow in the routine care means that the usage will start with the Emergency care helicopters manned with physicians . The demanding work to include RescueFlow in the standard of care in other key trauma centres in Europe is ongoing according to plan. Positive response to RescueFlow at the Intensive Care congress in Rome Recently BioPhausia took part in one of the leading congresses for intensive care, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, in Rome, as part of the introduction of RescueFlow in Europe. RescueFlow was well received at the congress. Intensive care physicians from markets where the product is not yet approved showed interest in starting to use RescueFlow . Physicians with an experience of RescueFlow also introduced their positive experience from the usage of this new drug Also leading trauma surgeons from the US were positive towards RescueFlow as the initial therapy for trauma patients. BioPhausia is cooperating with leading trauma centres at a global level in trauma care and the introduction and development of RescueFlow . Uppsala, 12 September 2000 For more information , Please contact : Soili Longsén, Managing Director BioPhausia tel +46-18 34 99 00 or +46-708 32 92 19 Claes Thulin, Chairman of the Board tel +46-708 99 34 50 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: