Biora to Commence Sales in Mexico and Spain

Biora to Commence Sales in Mexico and Spain Malmö, Sweden, October 1, 1998 - Biora AB (Nasdaq: BIORY, SSE: BIOR) today announced that this week it will begin sales in Mexico through the distributor MediMix and in Spain through UEDA Española. Biora's principal product, ® Emdogain , is approved for marketing in Europe, the United States and Japan and the company is now gradually and progressively building its sales organizations in the respective countries. "Biora's strategy in the short term is to concentrate its marketing efforts on North America, Europe and Japan" commented Tomas Hammargren, Biora's President and CEO." "To expand to Mexico and Spain is a natural step in connection with this strategy. Our potentially most important market is the United States. And bearing the extensive integration between the Mexican and US market in mind, we believe it is the right time to launch our principal product Emdogain in Mexico. We believe that Spain is potentially another large market in Europe for Emdogain." Biora has also entered into an agreement with the distributor Biodenix Technologies in Canada, where Biora's products formerly were marketed by its US subsidiary. The collaboration gives Biora a better opportunity to penetrate the Canadian market, which also is extensive integrated with the US market. During the last two weeks two of Biora's most important marketing activities took place - the company's participation at the annual periodontal specialist conferences in the United States and Germany. During both conferences Biora TM launched its second product, PrefGel , which is used to clean and prepare root surfaces in connection with periodontal surgery. Biora develops, manufactures and sells products for the treatment of periodontal disease and for use in oral surgery. Using its proprietary technology and expertise, Biora aims to become a world leader in biology-based products for specialized dental therapy. Biora's American Depository Shares are listed on the Nasdaq National Market in the US and Biora's ordinary shares are listed on the "O-list" of the Stockholm Stock Exchange in Sweden. This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements that relate to future events or future business and financial performance. Such statements can only be predictions and the actual events or results may differ from those discussed. The Company cautions that these statements are subject to important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements and are more fully discussed in periodic reports filed with Securities and Exchange Commission. Biora AB Tel: + 46 40 32 13 33 22 870 Tel: +46 40 32 13 65, +46 70 66 Tomas Hammargren Mikael Sjöblom President and Chief Executive Officer Corporate Communications

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