The usefulness of Bioservo Technologies’ patented and award-winning SEM technology demonstrated in scientific study

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A recently published article in the scientific journal PLOS ONE demonstrates that Bioservo Technologies’ wearable soft-robotic glove may counter hand function decline associated with ageing.

In the article “Home rehabilitation supported by a wearable soft-robotic device for improving hand function in older adults: A pilot randomized controlled trial”* research results are reported demonstrating that support of the soft-robotic glove either as an assistive device or as a training tool may be a promising way to counter hand function decline associated with ageing.

The randomized controlled pilot trial performed within the ironHand project explored the effect on functional performance of the hand of prolonged use of the soft-robotic glove during daily activities, in comparison to its use as a training tool at home.

A total of 91 older adults with self-perceived decline of hand function participated in this study. They were randomly assigned to a four weeks intervention period of either assistive or therapeutic use of the device, or to a control group not using the glove. All participants performed hand function tests and grip strength test before and after the intervention period.

The therapeutic group showed significant improvement in grip strength after four weeks of use (p≤0.039). Scores on the hand function tests improved in all groups. Only grip strength improved more in the therapeutic group compared to the assistive and control groups. No significant correlations were found between changes in performance and assistive or therapeutic use of the glove (p≥0.062). Participants of the assistive and therapeutic group rated the usability of the glove as high at the end of the intervention period.

 “This scientific evidence is very welcome and supportive of our vision for our healthcare product Carbonhand®. I am delighted that our award-winning SEM technology is being featured in a peer-reviewed article in a scientific journal. This marks a major milestone for Bioservo as a company,” says Petter Bäckgren, CEO of Bioservo Technologies AB.

The study provides efficiency data on the wearable soft-robotic glove enabling further commercialization of the healthcare product. Evidence is critical for reimbursement of the product within the healthcare system, in Sweden as well as internationally. The study will act as a basis for upcoming scientific research projects and be of guidance on the clinical development strategy.

* Radder B, Prange-Lasonder GB, Kottink AIR, Holmberg J, Sletta K, van Dijk M, et al. (2019) Home rehabilitation supported by a wearable soft-robotic device for improving hand function in older adults: A pilot randomized controlled trial. PLoS ONE 14(8): e0220544.

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About the study
The study was performed within the ironHand project, partly funded by the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) program (AAL-2013-6-134), via Sweden’s innovation agency, VINNOVA (Sweden), ZonMw (the Netherlands), and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (Switzerland).

Roessingh Research and Development, a large scientific research institute focused on rehabilitation technology and eHealth, developed the study methodology and conducted the clinical trial on behalf of the consortium managing the ironHand project.

SEM™ technology
Bioservo’s SEM™ technology (Soft Extra Muscle) is unique. While other robotic systems under development are heavy and rigid, like a skeleton, SEM technology uses a completely different design approach. Bioservo Technologies has developed two products based on this technology, the health care device Carbonhand® and Ironhand® for industrial applications in manufacturing, construction and warehousing. Both are wearable soft-robotic gloves developed to support grip strength. At the time when the ironHand project was started, the healthcare product was also called ironHand. Today the trademark of this product is Carbonhand®.

About Carbonhand®
Carbonhand is a grip enhancing robotic glove that facilitates a normal movement pattern. It adds extra strength when this is most needed and reinforces the hand’s functions. Carbonhand improves strength in the hand for people with impaired hand function.

About Bioservo Technologies
Bioservo Technologies AB (publ) is a technology and development company that combines medical science with modern robotics. The company holds a leading global position within soft exoskeleton technology – wearable non-invasive devices – for people in need of extra power to optimize the body’s endurance and performance, or for people with reduced muscle strength.

After many years of research and development, Bioservo Technologies is now focused on the commercialization of the company’s products and patented technologies. The gloves are well-suited to medical rehabilitation, and to preventive use in a variety of industrial applications. The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with several multinational companies within e.g. the automotive, aviation as well as the construction and infrastructure industries.

Bioservo Technologies was founded in 2006 through a collaboration between researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology and doctors at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. Bioservo Technologies AB is a Swedish public limited company with its headquarters and operations based in Kista, north of Stockholm. FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8-528 00399,, is the company’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North. To learn more, please visit