Resolutions at the Extraordinary General Meeting in Biotage AB on August 30, 2005

At the Extraordinary General Meeting held in Biotage AB on August 30, 2005, the General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal by the Board of Directors, to authorise the Board of Directors for the period up to the next annual shareholders’ meeting to adopt decisions, on one or several occasions and with or without preferential rights for the shareholders, to issue a total maximum of 20,000,000 new ordinary shares, or convertible debentures corresponding to such number of ordinary shares, with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, against payment in cash, through an issue in kind or through set-off, whereof not more than 10,000,000 new ordinary shares may be issued to others than the company’s shareholders. In connection with a directed issue against payment in cash, the subscription price for the new shares shall be determined in close connection with the share price for the Biotage share on Stockholmsbörsen (the Stockholm stock exchange) at the time of the new issue. In connection with an issue of convertible debentures with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights against payment in cash, the subscription price as well as the terms and conditions for the debentures shall be on market terms. Issues may be made in order to secure repayment of the debt financing attributable to the acquisition of Argonaut. In case of full exercise of the authorisation, the dilution effect amounts to approximately 28 per cent of the share capital and the votes. Uppsala August 30, 2005 Biotage AB (publ) The Board of Directors Contact: Jeff Bork, President and CEO Tel: +46 734 22 16 60,

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Biotage offers efficient separation technologies from analysis to industrial scale and high quality solutions for analytical chemistry from research to commercial analysis laboratories. Biotage’s products are used by government authorities, academic institutions, contract research and contract manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical and food companies, among others. The company is headquartered in Uppsala and has offices in the US, UK, China, Japan, South Korea and India. Biotage has approx. 460 employees and had sales of 1 101 MSEK in 2019. Biotage is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm. Website:


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