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Bisnode helps people to make smart decisions. We transform data into insights that supports decision-making in both small day-to-day issues and major strategic decisions in companies and organizations throughout Europé. We have more than 3.000 employees in 19 countries. Read more about Bisnode at


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    Given its proprietary consumer database and sophisticated marketing solutions capabilities, Global Group represents a key building block for executing Bisnode’s strategy of becoming the most wanted partner for data and analytics in Europe. The company will not only enable us to immediately provide additional services to our local DACH markets, but also contribute to the Group’s product development initiatives within next-generation marketing solutions. Together we have an exciting future ahead of us, and we very much look forward to welcoming the Global Group team to Bisnode,
    Magnus Silfverberg, CEO at Bisnode.
    Our task as a strategic partner for decision support is to ensure leading edge competence within the areas that we know our customers will request in the future. When we fully integrate Vendemore’s services with our own offering concerning marketing and business information we create services that we know ads long term value for our customers.
    Björn-Erik Karlsson, Regional Director Bisnode Nordic
    2013 – Bisnode has been through a major integration programme designed to increase efficiency and to create a platform for future growth.
    Lars Pettersson, CEO
    “Lundalogik is a successful company in an expansive phase with an exclusive focus on software development. At Bisnode we want to focus on our core business in high quality decision support information, and the sale is therefore an opportunity for both Lundalogik and Bisnode to concentrate on our core areas and the things we do best
    Björn-Erik Karlsson, Regional Director Nordic
    The sale is a natural step towards refining Bisnode as a supplier of high-quality decision support.
    Björn-Erik Karlsson, Bisnode’s Regional Director Nordic
    ”Karin has successfully laid the foundation for enabling the group’s human resources issues to be coordinated and operated effectively on a local level through the human-resources network that is her legacy”
    Lars Petterson, CEO Bisnode
    Efforts to rapidly organise all activities in the Group under the Bisnode name are underway throughout Europe – a process that is diverting energy and attention from our day-to-day business. Our performance for the quarter should be seen in light of these conditions.
    Lars Pettersson, CEO
    We currently have double-digit growth in these markets and by rolling out our solutions into new markets we can achieve both fast time to market and good growth potential. We can meet the growing demand for decision support solutions across several markets with a new regional offering and enhance customer value by utilising our experience and expertise in this area
    Lars Pettersson, CEO of Bisnode
    In terms of profit, the final quarter of 2012 was an improvement over the corresponding period of last year.
    Lars Pettersson, CEO of Bisnode
    2012 was the year when we expected the worst and compared to what was anticipated we went through the year in surprisingly good condition. A partial explanation for this outcome is that the stable DACH region prevented the effects from trickling down throughout Europe
    Arvid Brackrogge, Bisnode Scoring Group
    Bisnode has a market-leading position in Norway and is steadily growing its business. This acquisition will improve our data quality and our ability to create new insights and help our customers to maximise sales
    Björn-Erik Karlsson, Regional Director Nordic
    We have now set the organisation to bring Bisnode to its full potential in every market. We have an exciting journey ahead of us and I am confident that by improving our ability to execute and at the same time set our future strategic direction of our business we have the right platform for growth,” says Lars Pettersson, CEO of Bisnode.
    Lars Pettersson, CEO Bisnode.
    D&B has successfully acted as our strategic partner for the last eight years and we are very glad to secure our future partnership through this renewal. The new contract allows for greater integration and improved product development. Both Bisnode and D&B are now committed to serving global customers in our local European market by investing and further developing market-leading solutions
    Lars Pettersson, CEO of Bisnode
    Bisnode has been refining its offering for a long time in order to focus on development and growth in the core business. As Kompass is a franchise concept and has an ad-based business model with product information, it offers limited synergies with the rest of our business, which is why we have decided to sell the company
    Lars Pettersson, CEO of Bisnode
    This year we are going digital with our Annual Report, it feels like a natural step since our business is based on digital information
    Elin Ljung, Corporate Communications Director
    Bisnode works in an exciting industry and I am honoured to serve as chairman of this company
    Ingrid Engström, incoming Chairman of Bisnode
    We will continue to build a single united Bisnode and become our customers’ strategic provider of relevant decision support. We will help our customers to maximise their sales and minimise their risks.
    Lars Pettersson, CEO of Bisnode
    I plan to start out by listening. I want to get to know Bisnode so that I and my management team can guide the company forward with a focus on organic growth based on the established strategy and business plan. I know that Bisnode has excellent opportunities to grow and develop new services for digital business information. We will ensure that Bisnode reaches its full potential, but with a team that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.
    Lars Pettersson, President and CEO Bisnode
    WLW has developed well in the past four years and today has a solid platform for growth in online supplier search services. Bisnode’s strategy is to focus on development and growth in our core business and we have therefore decided to sell WLW, which operates according to another business model and has limited synergies with our other activities
    Fredrik Åkerman, Acting President and CEO Bisnode
    Björn-Erik Karlsson has valuable experiences from the fast paced IT-industry both as an entrepreneur and from management positions in large organisations. His ability to unite and motivate people, teams and companies towards a common goal is well known. Our growth strategy dictates finding and harnessing synergies among the companies within the Bisnode universe. Björn-Erik is the right person to lead that process in the Nordic region
    Fredrik Åkerman, Acting President and CEO of Bisnode
    The acquisition of InfoDirekt will further enhance our Nordic offering and increase its value for customers seeking services for both B2B and B2C. The sale of ONE Audit, whose operations are not part of our core offering, will allow us to focus on further advancing our already strong position as a supplier of digital business information to the Nordic market. We are following a strategy that will lead us to a top position in all markets where we are active.
    Fredrik Åkerman, Acting President and CEO of Bisnode
    The climate of growing financial unrest in Europe in recent months is creating both challenges and new business opportunities for companies like Bisnode, above all in the Credit Solutions area. By being able to offer the customers relevant and correct decision support data, we can reduce the business uncertainties arising in an increasingly turbulent world.
    Fredrik Åkerman, CFO and Acting CEO
    His 20 years of experience in developing new IT-based services in close co-operation with customers and in delivering results make Lars a highly suitable CEO for Bisnode. His key task, together with the company’s management, will be to implement the adopted strategy and business plan and above all to create organic growth
    Håkan Ramsin
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