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  • New Bittium Cellular IoT Solution Provides Direct Cellular Connectivity to Cloud Services for IoT Devices

New Bittium Cellular IoT Solution Provides Direct Cellular Connectivity to Cloud Services for IoT Devices

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Press Release

Free for release on May 30, 2022 at 9.45 am (CEST +1)

New Bittium Cellular IoT Solution Provides Direct Cellular Connectivity to Cloud Services for IoT Devices

Bittium showcases the solution at Hannover Messe, May 30 - June 2, and Embedded World, June 21 - 23

Oulu, Finland, May 30, 2022 – Bittium, a leading supplier of product development services for wireless communications, industry, and medical technologies, launches new Bittium Cellular IoT Solution, a solution that provides direct cellular connectivity to cloud services for IoT devices.

Bittium Cellular IoT Solution can be used to upgrade the 2G or 3G connectivity of existing IoT devices to 4G or 5G connectivity or to integrate 4G/5G connectivity to new IoT devices under development. The solution can also be used to remove the need for a separate gateway device between the IoT device and cloud services. Typically, the gateway device offers connectivity between the IoT device and cloud services through local wireless or wired connectivity.

The solution is modular and runs inside the IoT device’s modem module. This minimizes the changes needed for the IoT device’s hardware when wireless connectivity is upgraded or embedded in the device. With the solution, the IoT device can be connected to cloud service. The software in the cloud as well as the device functionality can be quickly adjusted without the need to modify the device’s software.

“Bittium’s strong knowhow and long experience with wireless technologies and product development of IoT devices has enabled the development of the advanced solution. With the solution we help our customers to bring connectivity to their IoT devices more easily and cost-efficiently. As an R&D partner, we support the development of the device and its connectivity according to the needs of the customer”, says Tommi Kangas, Senior Vice President of Bittium’s Connectivity Solutions product and service area.

Demonstrations at Hannover Messe & Embedded World events

Bittium Cellular IoT Solution will be demonstrated at Hannover Messe, May 30 through June 2, and at Embedded World, June 2123. The demonstration focuses on industrial use cases for preventive maintenance and safety. In these use cases Bittium Cellular IoT Solution enables data transfer directly to cloud and the succeeding actions.

For the demonstration Bittium has partnered with Edge Impulse. Edge Impulse has created the leading development platform for machine learning (ML) on edge devices, allowing developers and enterprises to easily train and deploy sensor-based ML solutions.

“We’re very excited to collaborate with Bittium on their new Cellular IoT Solution,” said Zach Shelby, CEO and co-founder of Edge Impulse. “Demonstrating how custom edge ML functions like wake word detection and automation can leverage advanced IoT connectivity to increase workplace productivity and safety is just the beginning of the many opportunities that the joint solution can provide.”

For more information on Bittium Cellular IoT Solution, please visit https://www.bittium.com/rd-services/bittium-cellular-iot-solution

Further information:

Tommi Kangas
Senior Vice President, Connectivity Solutions
Tel. +358 (0)40 3443507



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