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  • BL!XT® chosen to showcase the market’s first residential solid state circuit breaker at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2019

BL!XT® chosen to showcase the market’s first residential solid state circuit breaker at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2019

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BL!XT® (Blixt Tech AB), the Swedish multiple-awarded winning company presents its breakthrough solid state circuit breaker technology at ARPA-E in Denver (US) July 8-10.

The ARPA-E Summit showcase a highly selective group of cutting-edge technologists and brings together experts from different technical disciplines to think about America's energy challenges in new and innovative ways.

The smart grid envisages placing consumers at the center of the grid edge, responsible for producing, storing, managing and consuming electricity. In this future, utilities and consumers are connected in real time, with digital tools for making optimal decisions on current and future use of electricity. However, utilities lack tools to go beyond the Smart meter and implement demand-side management. Also, there is no single way for the household to easily manage production, storage and use of electricity.

By digitizing the conventional mechanical circuit breakers, BLIXT plugs a brain into home electricity network. For the first time ever, BLIXT has developed a solid state, fully digital, residential circuit breaker that can:

  • Provide data for dynamic pricing. Sub metering readings with up to mega sampling rates.
  • Enable communication in real time, between the connected systems, home devices, local energy production, and the grid beyond it.
  • Remotely control all loads and ability to modulate the power from 0-100%.
  • Software configuration and software control of electricity.

This is a true breakthrough for the electricity market that has been using mechanical systems for 150 years. It will enhance the performance of renewable solutions, battery storage systems, and demand-side management, while also enabling many other new applications at the grid edge.

“For homes with rooftop solar and home batteries the BLIXT Breakers increase the durability of the batteries and make homeowners even more independent of the grid”, says BLIXT Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Charlotta Holmquist. “We also see a great interest for EV-charging applications where the BLIXT Breaker turns any dumb charger into a smart software controlled device. And as our products can retrofit into a standard residential fuse box we are completely independent of type or brand of third party solutions.”

According to a research study by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute covering four EU countries, solid state circuit breakers can save up to 22% of carbon emissions from electricity used in the residential sector.

To book a meeting with the Founders of BLIXT at ARPA-E in Denver July 8-10, contact charlotta@blixt.tech

About Blixt Tech AB
Founded in Sweden 2018 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts within digitization, energy management and advanced software and electronics. Blixt’s patent portfolio includes solid state technologies for circuit breakers, current limiters and power inverters. Multiple-award winning company and ranked by EarlyMetrics as top 3% startups globally. Backed by the Swedish Energy Agency and lead investor Baywa r.e. Energy Ventures Gmbh, the company have raised more than €2M since the start. Read more: https://blixt.tech/

Charlotta Holmquist, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder BLIXT TECH AB
Email: charlotta@blixt.tech

Phone: +46 (0)708 88 13 33