Damen Yachting and Blue World Technologies collaboration

Photographer: Damen Yachting

©Damen Yachting. Pictured from left to right at the quayside of Damen Yachting in Vlissingen, the Netherlands: Rob Luijendijk – Director Sales & Product Design, Damen Yachting, Torben Mørch Sørensen – Marine Sales Director, Blue World Technologies, Adriaan Roose – Amels Product Design Manager, Damen Yachting, and Haico van Roeden – Design & Proposal Engineer, Damen Yachting

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About Us

Blue World Technologies is an ambitious and visionary developer and manufacturer of HT-PEM fuel cell components and systems for stationary and APU applications and the automotive and heavy-duty transportation sectors around the world. The fuel cells act as a green alternative to combustion engines and diesel generators. As a part of the Power-to-X eco-system the methanol fuel cell technology contributes to solving parts of the green transition that cannot be solved by direct electrification and battery technology alone. Blue World Technologies’ fuel cells run primarily on methanol – a renewable liquid fuel that simply and cost-effectively can be stored for years and transported around the world while reusing existing infrastructure. Blue World Technologies is founded on extensive experience from the fuel cell industry and aims towards commercialising the technology through large-scale production. The company is focused on the High-Temperature PEM technology combined with methanol-reforming. The combination ensures a simple system design with high conversion efficiency and significant benefits including CO2 reduction, fuel cost savings, and zero harmful emissions. Read more about Blue World Technologies on our website www.blue.world or visit us on social media.