BlueFactory chosen for Silicon Valley

BlueFactory chosen for Silicon Valley The Swedish company, BlueFactory, developer and provider of mobile media and entertainment services, is one of eleven Swedish companies chosen to participate at Mobile Vision Venture in Silicon Valley. Mobile Vision Venture is a forum where Swedish wireless companies, have the opportunity to present their business concept to American investors. "The connection in both Asia and Scandinavia makes BlueFactory very interesting to American investors", says Thomas Kosnik, professor at Stanford University's School of Engineering and a member of BlueFactory's advisory board. "I have been in contact with many companies but BlueFactory is the only Nordic company that I personally have taken active interest in." Mobile Vision Venture takes place in San Francisco today, October 17, and is organized by the Swedish Office of Science and Technology. Eleven wireless companies from Sweden will give a presentation of their business concept to potential investors. BlueFactory has been chosen for their innovative business idea and high-growth potential. "Our presence at Mobile Vision Venture shows that our business model to provide "globile" entertainment services, also attracts international investors", says Soki Choi, CEO, BlueFactory. Together with Swedish and American investors, the Swedish Office of Science and Technology has made the selection of which companies that are offered the opportunity to participate at Mobile Vision Venture. Over 300 American investors and local Venture Capital companies are invited to the forum. Main sponsors at Mobile Vision Venture are Jalda, Red Herring and BrainHeart Magazine. For further information, contact: Soki Choi, CEO, BlueFactory, tel. +46 70 623 59 13, alt. +1 415 672 0294 (temporary until October19) or mail to Thomas Kosnik, professor Stanford University, tel. +1 650 799 8299 Information about BlueFactory can also be found at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: