Bluefish expands product portfolio – licenses another seven pharmaceuticals

Swedish specialty pharma company Bluefish continues to expand its product portfolio with new pharmaceuticals. In August Bluefish licensed another seven pharmaceuticals within different therapeutic areas. One of these is the big seller Olanzapine that is used to treat schizophrenia. Olanzapine has sales in Europe for more than nine billion SEK, and in the Nordic area for approx 900 million SEK.

The six other new products in Bluefish’s product portfolio are pharmaceuticals aimed
at treating hypertension (Losartan and Losartan HCTZ), anxiety (Venlafaxine IR and Venlafaxine XR), and nausea during chemotherapy (Ondansetron ODT) and epilepsia (Gabapentine). The combined market for these products is worth more than 14 billion SEK in Europe.

“A milestone for us was to rapidly expand our product portfolio to a critical mass of over twenty products. This will open doors to large new markets. Now we are almost there,” says CEO Karl Karlsson.

Today Bluefish has 22 products approved or under registration in the EU.
Bluefish pharmaceuticals are manufactured in India where Bluefish has a whollyowned subsidiary.

For more information: CEO Karl Karlsson, +46-8-679 50 70

Bluefish Pharmaceuticals AB is a Swedish specialty pharma company that buys or licenses the rights to manufacture pharmaceuticals, mainly generic products. Low prices are maintained through efficient production and distribution. Bluefish has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Chennai, India focused on product development and production. The company is owned by its founder Karl Karlsson, and a number of funds and private investors.

About Us

Bluefish has undergone significant international expansion since the company was founded in 2005. Bluefish focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of generic pharmaceuticals. The company conducts marketing operations in a large number of European markets and is expanding into territories outside Europe. The product portfolio consists of a total of 80 products and is growing. The company is owned by its founder Karl Karlsson, together with a number of investment funds and private investors.


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