Online Store for Cancer Patients Highlights Most Requested Products Offers 300-Plus Items for Cancer Patients; Products Range from Anti-Nausea Drinks to a Nail Hydrations Solution to Breakaway Pants and a Hot/Cold Comforting Stuffed Animal for Kids

West Palm Beach, FL, September 12, 2011: Cancer Shop USA, an online store featuring products specifically for cancer patients and their needs, today announced five of its most popular and requested items. The site, which currently offers more than 300 patient-requested and doctor-approved items, categorizes products by need and symptom, including: nutrition/supplements, books and cards, clothing, hair loss, mouth care, nausea relief, scar reduction, sleep and more. Since launching in 2010, has been keeping track of customer requests with the goal of putting together a “most requested” list to help customers decide which products they or their family members may need.

“It is our hope that by Cancer Shop USA sharing a list of the most frequently requested products, the patients will benefit,” said Dr. Melanie Bone, a board-certified gynecologist, who first conceived in 2000 after being diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. “When going through difficult and sometimes painful cancer treatments, ranging from surgery to radiation to chemotherapy, it is always nice to get comfort wherever possible. That is the mission of Cancer Shop USA.”

The top five requested products featured at are:

  • Comfy Unisex Catheter Pants: Also known as breakaway pants, these comfy catheter pants are for both men and women and easy to use. They provide quick access to patients with urinary catheters as well as legs with casts, bandages, boots and braces. They are ideal for home recovery from knee injuries and surgeries (including prostrate surgery), physical therapy and outpatient leg radiation sessions. They are priced at $49.95.
  • Natural Ginger Nausea Relief Drink: This anti-nausea drink, consisting of real honey, ginger and lemon, relieves motion sickness, morning sickness (for pregnant women) and upset stomachs. Patients and doctors alike swear by this product – claiming it not only provides comfort, but is great tasting as well. The Natural Ginger Nausea Relief Drink is priced at $4.95 for a four-pack of cans.
  • Casey Cozy Cat: Filled with natural plan herbs like cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus, Cozy D. Cat is a stuffed animal that releases delicious aromatic warmth while wrapping you up in cuddly comfort to soothe the temperature changes brought on during treatment. This stuffed animal is ideal for young kids and can both warm and cool the body – by putting Cozy Cat in the microwave or the freezer. It’s perfect for chills and/or sweats during chemotherapy and after as well as aches and pains. Cozy Cat is priced at $30.00.
  • Powdered Nutritionals UltraGreens: This all-natural blended variety of super foods provides broad-spectrum nutritional support for organic grasses and natural food factors not found in a typical multivitamin mineral supplement. UltraGreens is a complete whole-food supplement that contains immune supporting and antioxidant herbs. UltraGreens can be mixed into shakes, smoothies, soups and sauces, and a 4.4 oz container is priced at $18.00.
  • Nail Hydrating Solution: There are several types of nail damages, including nail loosening, malformation and/or softening that can result from radiation and chemotherapy. Using a nail hydrating solution will help regenerate and strengthen both hand and toe nails while soothing. The Evonail Nail Hydrating Solution is priced at $55.99 per 0.4 fl oz.

Each product featured at has been reviewed and endorsed by a physician to make sure it is safe and practical. Additionally, a number of items have been inspired and developed by cancer patients and survivors.

“Cancer Shop USA prides itself on offering one-of-a-kind items not normally or easily found elsewhere,” said Susan Harrison, director of merchandising for Cancer Shop USA. “Our product line is simple and practical. It is our goal to carry the best products available for all symptoms and effects of cancer treatment – including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.”

Dr. Bone was 40-years old with four children under the age of six when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing bilateral mastectomies with reconstruction, six months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation, Dr. Bone quickly learned first-hand what creams, nutritional supplements and pieces of clothing worked best and provided the most comfort. She compiled those findings and launched Cancer Shop USA. Cancer Shop USA is the first and only patient-requested, doctor-approved online store to carry items tailored to minimizing and lessening the difficult effects of cancer treatments.

A portion of the sales on are donated to the Cancer Sensibility Foundation, a non-profit organization also founded by Dr. Bone with the mission to encourage a sensible approach to cancer; to promote a new perception of the disease as treatable and often curable; and to educate the public about cancer etiquette and provide support to cancer patients, families and friends. Learn more at

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About Cancer Shop USA

Cancer Shop USA was formed as a one-stop source for practical and appropriate products designed specifically for cancer patients. The Cancer Shop USA team has collected over 300 unique items - all of which have been doctor-approved - and that fit a variety of needs and treatment concerns. Most exciting is the fact that the majority of the products have been developed by cancer patients and survivors themselves. Beyond the products, visitors to will also find: tips and advice for handling radiation and chemotherapy; product recommendations tailored to your specific needs; an informative and personal blog written by Dr. Melanie Bone; and Q&A with Dr. Bone. Learn more at


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