Boliden requests judicial review of government decisions

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Boliden intends to request a judicial review of the Government's decision that a Natura 2000 permit is required before applying for a concession for the Laver deposit. This, in light of the fact that the Government's decision lacks clear support in Swedish legislation and that an application for a Natura 2000 permit is best carried out later in the permit process.

On 23 December, The Swedish Government announced that it has rejected Boliden's appeal of the Chief Mining Inspector´s decision regarding an exploitation concession for the Laver deposit. The decision means that a possible impact on the Natura 2000 area must be investigated early in the mining project and completely separate from a later environmental permit application. Boliden's position is that the Natura 2000 permit should be obtained in conjunction with the environmental permit, at a stage when knowledge of the planned mining operations is higher.

- The Laver deposit remains interesting even if the government's interpretation means that the project is pushed forward in time. We will of course do all environmental investigations that are required, but we want to do them in the right order, says Mikael Staffas, President and CEO.

The request for judicial review will be addressed to the Supreme Administrative Court.

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