New streaming service gives discount to the wise

Do you know the answer to the most?

Which researcher has worked to unite the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics in one theory? Who established the first Gulag-camps in the Soviet Union? If the first that comes to your mind is Stephen Hawking you shoud be all ears. Bonnier Publications is launching the new streaming service DOCMA for the knowledgeable and curious Swedes/Fins/Norwegians. DOCMA consists of hand-picked documentary and background articles on history, nature, medicine, technology and space. And the smarter you are, the cheaper it will be.

DOCMA is Swedens/Finlands/Norways new streaming service that brings together the best documentaries, background articles and other material in one platform. DOCMA is for those who like science in all shades, and for those historically interested, DOCMA is a clean time machine. Behind the service are the editors from magazines such as Illustrated Science and History, but also recognized magazines that National Geographic contributes with content.

Good news for the overlooked savvy
About 85 percent of Swedes/Fins/Norwegians use at least one streaming service, and almost half of Swedes/Fins/Norwegians watch content-on-demand from a provider where they pay a fixed monthly subscription. It's more than a triple since 2013. Up to 500,000 people have already opted to completely terminate their TV package in favor of other alternatives. The largest increase among so-called 'cable cutters' is seen in the age group 30-39 years.

"We are experiencing an increasing interest in history and science. At the same time, we believe that Sweden/Finland/Norway lacks a streaming service that really goes deep and that is both entertaining and educational for those who want to get smarter, "explains Jakob Meng, Nordic Digital Product Manager from Bonnier Publications. "DOCMA becomes an exclusive community for passionate wise-goers, the savvy and curious Swedes/Fins/Norwegians."

According to DOCMA, the growing market offers a space to take care especially of those curious and knowledgeable, partly offset by a media offering that primarily focuses on entertainment. In the new service, the level is set a lot higher in consideration of the increasing number of people who love to be intellectually stimulated and learn while they are entertained.

DOCMA has also developed a test for those who love to quiz and compete with knowledge. The more questions you answer correctly in the test, the cheaper the subscription to DOCMA will be. The test can be tested here: [DOCMA-TESTEN.DK]

Swedish/Finish/Norwegian and international top class documentaries
The content of DOCMA are curated by, among others, the editorial board of Illustrated Science. These are productions of the highest quality from among others. PBS, ZDF and also the BBC, which has produced many big and popular documentaries such as the "Blue Planet" documentary.

"For years we have been ashamed that there was no proper service for us who loved science, space, nature and history - all the good things. Now we have made it ourselves. And as something new to a streaming service, the experience does not stop when the movie ends. We have added lots of extras so you can follow the topic whenever and wherever you want, "says Sebastian Relster from Illustrated Science.

Every week, at least one new handpicked documentary is added to the service, so users can always be updated with new knowledge in the topics of history, space, nature and technology, but other topics can be dealt with by DOCMA.

"To ensure the best for DOCMA, we have allied with the best producers from all over the world. For example, I am very much pleased with the series "In Genius by Stephen Hawkins" from PBS, where Hawkins in each section challenges participants to think like the world's geniuses to solve some of the greatest puzzles of mankind. DOCMA will be a treasury for the savvy, "says Jakob Meng.

The more you know - the cheaper becomes DOCMA
A subscription to DOCMA costs a total of 59 kroner per month. But for the wisest, the prize falls for the first month, depending on how well they manage DOCMA's subscription test. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will receive the subscription up to 9kr for the first month. If you answer half or less of the questions correctly, you can start the first month in DOCMA at 39 or 49 kroner.

If you are unable to answer some of the questions correctly, DOCMA has decided that it will still be possible to subscribe to the service - at full cost.

Take the test here:


For more information:

Jakob Meng, Nordic Digital Product Manager
+45 28 72 44 98

Bonnier Publications is the largest publisher of magazines in the Nordic region with over 50 titles. Among the most famous magazines are Illustrated Science, In Form and History. Bonnier Publications is part of the Swedish family-owned Bonnier, a media-cononglomerate with newspapers, book publishing and television stations in 20 countries.



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