BraineHealth — Leveraging Digital Technologies to Revolutionize Healthcare

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The Swedish company BraineHealth spearheads the evolution of eHealth by leveraging new digital technologies to make quality healthcare accessible to patients globally.

BraineHealth develops multiple projects in an effort to facilitate and improve modern healthcare with the use of the latest digital technologies.

STOCKHOLM, 31 December 2019 — The Swedish healthcare technology company has come forward with a unique New Year’s resolution. Namely, in 2020, the company aims to revolutionize and democratize healthcare by incorporating artificial intelligence and robotics into it.

BraineHealth is already working on a slew of digital health solutions, covering different medical areas from primary and elderly healthcare to mental health. The company’s primary goal is to connect expert systems, certified medical professionals and patients around the world and enable those in need to get a diagnosis, and medical advice within minutes, without having to leave their homes.

That will significantly cut the patients’ expenses, as well as make quality healthcare easily accessible via the internet. Although going to the doctor’s online may sound futuristic, the company has already launched several projects with various pilot projects on the Swedish market. Their goal in the next year is to further develop and improve their service, as well as make them available globally.

In collaboration with the healthcare provider Citikliniken Sverige AB, BraineHealth is able to provide online doctor’s appointments and health analyses patients can order online, which are performed in Citikliniken’s state-of-the-art laboratories and partners.



Among the projects that are well underway are also Diagnosio and Diabetio. The former is an AI-powered platform that allows patients to describe the symptoms they’re experiencing and runs them against a large database of thousands of diagnoses and millions of previous queries to provide an accurate assessment of the symptoms and give an online diagnosis. The latter is a robotic platform, including an application that assists both children and adults with the daily management of diabetes.

However, BraineHealth doesn’t stop there. They are continually coming up with new ideas to improve healthcare and make the world a better place, one step at a time. One project that aims to do just that is Medipacker — a program that encourages altruistic travelers to make an impact on the communities they visit. Medipacker features a set of tasks for these modern-day heroes and provides them with certifications upon completing them and reaching different levels.

In the next year, the company will continue improving these and developing new projects to enhance the quality of healthcare further and stimulate positive regional growth. If you want to learn more about BraineHealth’s projects or have some interesting ideas on how to improve the healthcare area, you can find detailed information on the company’s website.

Roger Svensson

Isabella Svensson Rissanen
vice president

BraineHealth develops global scalable e-health services based on combined artificial intelligence and robotics.

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