WILTON, CT - SEPTEMBER 18, 2012--Brandlogic CEO Hampton Bridwell has been invited by the Maori Research Institute and the American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand to speak at two upcoming events in New Zealand on the related topics of branding and sustainability.  Mr. Bridwell, a recognized authority in these areas, is the chief executive of Brandlogic, a leading US-based branding firm serving large corporations such as IBM, Xerox, John Deere, UBS, BASF, Munich Re and many others. 

A nation of over 30 islands, New Zealand has a population of 4.4 million, mostly of European descent, along with the indigenous Maori people, who make up about 15% of the total. To maintain steady growth in its manufacturing, agricultural and service sectors, the New Zealand government has incorporated a number of sustainability principles into its legal system and economic development policies. 

On Friday, September 21, Mr. Bridwell will speak at the "Business is Business - Steps to Market" conference held at the Maori Research Institute in Rotorua, NZ, near the capital city of Auckland. The conference will focus on initiatives being taken by the New Zealand government, various corporations and the Maori people to build a vibrant economy through sustainable development.  Mr. Bridwell's speech will include original research findings on the linkage between branding and sustainability, derived from Brandlogic's landmark Sustainability Leadership Report (see for more). 

 "Whether you are a country, a corporation or a people such as the Maori, you need a strong brand to help attract investment capital, top talent and of course customers," said Mr. Bridwell.  "In today's business environment, sustainability is a key factor that must be part of any brand-building exercise.  Without it, you risk alienating audiences who are critical to your success."

On Tuesday, September 25, at an event sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand, Mr. Bridwell will address a group of businesspeople, political leaders and graduate business students at AUT University, in Auckland.  This event is being held in conjunction with the AUT University Business School and the Sustainable Business Network.

There is a great deal to be optimistic about, in Mr. Bridwel's view.  "The country of New Zealand has a huge opportunity to position itself on the world stage as a brand that stands for sustainable economic development.   I am thrilled that these prestigious organizations have invited me to share my views on brands and sustainability, two areas that I am very passionate about," 

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