Breast Cancer Campaign, comments on research presented today about T-DM1, a new ‘smart’ drug for breast cancer

Dr Lisa Wilde, Director of Research at Breast Cancer Campaign, comments on research presented today about T-DM1, a new ‘smart’ drug, which is the first of its kind to harness a targeted drug – Herceptin - to deliver chemotherapy directly to breast cancer cells.

“This study is a positive development for women with advanced HER2-postive breast cancer, who currently have limited treatment options available to them.

"As well as keeping advanced HER2-postive breast cancer at bay for longer, T-DM1 offers other considerable benefits to this particular group. Patients appear to experience fewer debilitating side effects compared to when chemotherapy is given separately alongside targeted drugs.

"Breast Cancer Campaign looks forward to the outcome of clinical trials currently testing T-DM1 in the earlier stages of HER2-positive breast cancer, which could have important implications for the 7,000 women diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer each year in the UK.

"If patients have any questions about accessing T-DM1, they should speak to their healthcare professional teams about further clinical trials which will be recruiting patients in the UK to allow access to the drug before it is officially licensed.”


Elana McIntyre, Media Relations Manager, Breast Cancer Campaign
DD 0207 749 4102, email: twitter: @CampaignPR

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