Bricknode Broker 2.16. Modest number. Big news.

This week Bricknode released a long awaited Bricknode Broker update. While modestly named the update contains big news, namely the possibilityfor daily reconsiliation within the system itself.

An add-on called Reconciliation Manager makes Bricknode Broker more powerful and practical than ever. It is a function that emilinates the need for exporting work sheet data for daily reconciliation.

– Internal accounts can be reconciled in minutes. It used to be far more complicated, and take significantly longer. This new add-on creates a work flow that greatly reduces the risk of making potentially very costly mistakes, says Veronica Bergström, UX manager at Bricknode.

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Erik Hagelin, CEO
Bricknode AB

The financial industry is currently going through the most significant change since mutual funds were introduced. Financial Technology (FinTech) innovations are adding services that focus on usability and value.

Bricknode wants to put the Fun in finance and has established a FinTech Ecosystem where the participants in the financial industry can meet and create value for each other and their customers.



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