Brighter sales of jDome® increases by 200 percent.

Brighter sales of products in jDome series have increased significantly during 2015. The Company recently signed a several new contracts, among others, with the municipalities of Växjö and Robertsfors. The success means Brighter sales of jDome products so far this year, in terms of revenue, has increased by 200 percent compared to 2014. In order to meet the large demand Brighter started to recruit new sales representatives.

Although Brighter has been very successful with its sales efforts regarding jDome there is significant market potential, which means that the opportunities for growth are very large. According to Company estimates there are about 2,000 homes for the elderly in Sweden and about 5,000 in the Nordic countries. If you look at the global potential it is enormous.

- Until now, Sweden has, naturally, been our main focus. But we have started developing the other Nordic countries in parallel, and we believe that Denmark is the most interesting market at present. But we are not satisfied with this, the next step is to prepare for the expansion beyond the Nordic countries, which means that we will open up a gigantic global market for jDome, says Truls Sjöstedt, Brighter's CEO and founder.

The increase in demand for jDome’s products is steady and today Brighter cannot attend to all of this demand. Therefore, the Company is now in the process of recruiting new resources in the sales organization.

- Currently we have time to work on only the requests we receive in the dementia segment, but there are so many more treatment segments and health care facilities that demand our product. With a larger sales force, we will increasingly be able to utilize the potential that we see for jDome’s different products, says Truls Sjöstedt.

During the year jDome has been part in a number of pilot projects. The findings of a project in Västerås was published earlier this fall in a report by the Swedish Agency for Participation - "Welfare technology and environmental adaptations" (in Swedish). The report highlighted some good examples in special housing and day activities, which included jDome. The agency also released another report that recommends jDome - "Technical developments in the care of people with impaired decision-making ability" (in Swedish).

- JDome products have an incredible impact and the positive mentions from the Swedish Agency for Participation has increased the interest even more. It is amazing to see that jDome adds so much to the users, their families as well as to the staff. With these recommendations and the positive feedback we receive from our customers, we are confident that we will see continued sales success in the future, says Truls Sjöstedt.

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About Brighter AB (publ).

Brighter develops solutions for data-driven and mobile health services. Through its intellectual property and innovative tools, jDome® and Actiste™, the company creates a more efficient care chain with focus on the individual. The goal is to simplify, streamline and enhance the information flow of relevant and reliable data between the patient and health care professionals. Brighter is initially focused on diabetes care and care for the elderly, but there are opportunities in the future to operate on a broader level, spanning more diseases and treatment approaches. This is done through The Benefit Loop ™, Brighter’s cloud-based service that continuously collects, analyzes and shares data on the user's terms.

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