Brighter signs a collaboration agreement for Actiste Mini with Padjadjaran University in Indonesia.

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Brighter AB (publ) today announced that it together with Padjadjaran University have signed a collaboration agreement to use Actiste Mini for a research project in two West Java hospitals.

For a period of six months, 100 patients will use Actiste Mini to monitor their blood glucose levels. Padjadjaran University is responsible for coordinating the study, including training healthcare professionals and patients, gathering data, and providing feedback to Brighter.

“We’re very pleased to be doing this important study with such a strong partner. Padjadjaran University is widely regarded as a leader in studying diabetes care in Indonesia and has very strong links with hospitals in the country,” says Erik Lissner, acting CEO of Brighter AB. “Once the results of the study have been received and published, our team will work closely with endocrinologists and potential distributors and other partners in Indonesia in order to reach all people with diabetes that could benefit from using Actiste Mini.”

The research project has its origins in a request from West Java’s governor, who asked Swedish companies for support amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, Brighter has been working to determine an appropriate way to help out. We are looking forward to seeing how Actiste Mini can support West Java scientific community on a mission to improve the health of people with diabetes

“Diabetes Mellitus, a non-communicable disease, has increased rapidly in recent decades and has burdened the Indonesian health care system. The Covid-19 pandemic has added to the burden. The presence of innovations in telehealth and the use of digital health are needed to strengthen the resilience of the health care system in Indonesia.” says Dr. Deni Kurniadi Sunjaya from Padjadjaran University. “We have built a strong relationship with Brighter’s local team and we look forward to deepening our cooperation with the company.”

Next steps;

Training for the healthcare research team will be performed during Q4 2021 and will be followed by screening of the patients for participation in the research.

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