Broström makes new acquisitions and enters into co-operation

• Broström enters into a close co-operation with Furetank Rederi AB, on the island of Donsö outside Göteborg. • Acquires Danish Nordtank Shipping A/S and parts of three of Furetank’s vessels. Broström’s activity in the North European product tanker market is one of the company’s strategical core businesses. The business has been built up during many years and is mainly based on long-term customer relations where Broström by Contracts of Affreightment offers high quality logistics services with modern tonnage. As the demand for these services has increased the business has expanded considerably. Furetank Rederi AB owns and operates five modern product tankers in sizes from 8,000 to 16,000 dwt, with a further vessel of 16,000 dwt on order. Furetank’s tonnage has since many years been commercially operated by the Danish ship broker Nordtank Shipping A/S, of which company Furetank, together with Nordtank’s MD Michael Hjortböl, has been an owner. Additional to Furetank’s tonnage, Nordtank operates another 15 tankers in the sizes between 4,000 and 23,000 dwt, owned by a number of Scandinavian shipowners. In total the fleet commercially operated by Nordtank comprises 20 vessels. The co-operation between Broström, Furetank and Nordtank represents a further step in the consolidation of the European product tanker market and means that Broström acquires all shares in Nordtank and parts of several of Furetank’s vessels. The operation in Nordtank will, under continued management of the present MD Michael Hjortböl, be co-ordinated with Broström Tankers AB in Göteborg, in order to continue to serve the customers in the most efficient way. Broström acquires 9 per cent of each of the vessels FURE NORD (16,000 dwt, built in 2004), FURE SUN and FURE STAR (both 15,000 dwt, built in 1995). ”With an enlarged capacity we also see opportunities to develop this part of the business to cover a larger geographical area. The Mediterranean is such an example, but we may also consider applying our successful concept on new markets e.g. in Asia”, says Broström’s CEO Lennart Simonsson. ”We do share Broström’s commitment to how safe sea transportation of liquid oil products should be managed and we realize the advantages of joining forces with Broström in a long-term co-operation. Our intention is therefore to remain as shareholders in Broström” says Lars Höglund, MD of Furetank Rederi. The current acquisitions will be settled with 756,045 new B-shares in Broström by utilisation of the authorisation of a maximum of 6.3 million shares that the Extraordinary General Meeting gave to the Board of Directors in December 2004 to decide on for a consideration of capital contributed in kind. The company assesses that the acquisitions will give a positive contribution to the profit per share already this year. Göteborg, 24 January 2005 BROSTRÖM AB (publ) For further information: Lennart Simonsson, CEO Broström, Tel +46 31 61 61 00 Lars Höglund, MD Furetank Rederi AB, Tel +46 31 97 32 70 More information about Broström can be found on Furetank Rederi AB on Nordtank Shipping A/S on

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