Interim Report 1 January - 30 June 2002

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Interim Report 1 January-30 June 2002 * Net turnover during the first half of the year fell by 11 per cent to MSEK 90.8 (102.6) * Results for the first six months: operating result of MSEK 0.7 (3.8) result before tax of MSEK 1.4 (3.2) earnings per share of SEK 0.17 (0.52) * During the second quarter, net turnover totalled MSEK 58.6 (63.2) the result before tax amounted to MSEK 11.6 (10.1) the operating result totalled MSEK 11.3 (10.3) * New customers acquired during the first six months include Akzo Nobel, Eaton Corporation, Elekta, Goodman Fielder, If, ISS, Metso, Labatt, NCR, Oncor and Posten Norge. * Good growth and positive results in BTS UK BTS Group AB is an international consultancy and training company in the field of business acumen. BTS uses tailor-made business simulations to support company managers in implementing change and improving profitability. BTS solutions and services train the entire organisation to analyse and to take decisions centred on the factors that promote growth and profitability. This generates increased emphasis on profitability and market focus, and supports day-to-day decision-making, which in turn leads to tangible, sustainable improvements in profits. BTS customers are often leading major companies. Turnover During the first half of the year, BTS' net turnover fell by 11 per cent and amounted to MSEK 90.8 (102.6). Although turnover fell in the United States and the Nordic region, both Great Britain and Australia developed positively. Adjusted for changes in exchange rates, turnover during the first six months fell by 12 per cent as compared to the corresponding period in 2001. About 80 per cent of BTS' revenue per half year is in foreign exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full report The full report