Bure Health Care acquires remaining 50% of shares in Volvat Group

Bure Health Care acquires remaining 50% of shares in Norwegian Volvat Group Bure Health Care is acquiring the remaining 50% of the shares in leading private health care company Volvatgruppen AS. The Volvat Group will thereby become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bure Health Care, and will constitute an important factor for future expansion on the Norwegian market. Bure Health Care's sales in Norway is today approximately SEK 500M. Bure Health Care is now acquiring the remaining 50% of the shares from Foinco Invest AS. The acquisition is being financed through a targeted new share emission, giving Foinco a 4.75% share of ownership in Bure Health Care. "Co-operation between private and public health care will increase considerably over the coming years. We look forward to sharing in Bure Health Care's experience in the outsourcing and operation of public wards and hospitals. This will also increase the opportunities for collaboration with other Bure business areas," says Jon Norseth, CEO of the Volvat Group. Bure Health Care established itself on the Norwegian market in July 1997 with the acquisition of 50% of the shares in the Volvat Group from private investment company Foinco Invest AS. Development on the Norwegian market has been good for Bure Health Care, which in recent years has also started activities in laboratory medicine, radiology and elderly care. Volvatgruppen AS is Norway's largest and leading private health care group. Volvat, which today has an annual sales rate of approximately SEK 320M, focuses on continued growth by being an attractive partner to both the public health care sector and the privately financed market. At present, some 85% of the company's income is privately financed. The most important business areas within Volvat are hospitals, specialist clinics and corporate health services. Volvat is established in eight locations in Norway, including Oslo. Bure Health Care is part of Investment AB Bure, and is the leading private health care provider in the Nordic region. The company is active in health care and treatment services, diagnostics and elderly care, and is established in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Switzerland and Poland. Bure Health Care has an annual sales rate of approximately SEK 3,200M. Bure Health Care is planning a listing on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange in autumn 2000. Göteborg, 27 June 2000 Investment AB Bure (publ.) For further information, please contact: Saila Horttanainen, Bure Health Care +46 70 622 76 06 Jon Norseth, Volvatgruppen AS +47 22 95 75 90 http://www.bure.se ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/06/27/20000627BIT00750/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/06/27/20000627BIT00750/bit0002.pdf