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  • Alliance radiation oncology at Anna Jaques hospital becomes a C-RAD total-integration customer

Alliance radiation oncology at Anna Jaques hospital becomes a C-RAD total-integration customer

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C-RAD and Alliance Radiation Oncology at Anna Jaques Hospital are proud to announce that Alliance has become the first center in the greater Northshore area to integrate C-RAD’s entire suite of surface tracking and workflow optimization products into their radiation therapy technology program.

This new C-RAD installation will take Alliance Radiation Oncology’s treatment delivery to the next level, increasing accuracy, enhancing patient safety, optimizing workflow and maximizing clinical confidence.

Tammy Miron, Site Administrator at Alliance Radiation Oncology, commented on the system saying, “I am so excited to be able to offer our patients this option, allowing them to be an active participant in their treatment. The features with the C-RAD platform are a wonderful enhancement to our program, the ambient lighting offers a very simplistic, yet sophisticated, intuitive and touchless approach to patient set-ups each day.”

This new C-RAD installation is part of Alliance Radiation Oncology’s continued focus on treatment accuracy, enhanced patient safety, optimized workflow and maximized clinical confidence.

“We are proud to partner with Alliance Radiation Oncology at Anna Jaques Hospital to support their focus on improving patient care.” Says Tim Thurn, CEO and President of C-RAD AB, “C-RAD’s contactless SIGRT Solution has become the gold standard enabling frontline partners the ability to maintain a safe environment while maximizing workflow efficiency and treatment precision.”

The installation at Alliance Radiation Oncology relates to an order C-RAD received and delivered in 2020.

About C-RAD

C-RAD develops surface-guided imaging solutions for radiation therapy to allow highly accurate dose delivery to the tumor, and at the same time, to protect healthy tissue from unwanted exposure. Using high-speed 3D cameras combined with augmented reality, C-RAD supports the initial patient setup process and monitors the patients motion during treatment to ensure high confidence, an efficient workflow, and improved accuracy. C-RAD monitors the patient's motion without the use of tattoos or additional imaging dose, to deliver the highest level of patient safety and comfort.

C-RAD. Inspiring excellence in cancer treatment.

C-RAD AB is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

For more information on C-RAD, please visit http://www.c-rad.com

About Alliance Radiation Oncology at Anna Jaques Hospital

Located in Newburyport, MA, Alliance Radiation Oncology at Anna Jaques Hospital provides advanced cancer care with a focus on the patients comfort and confidence that results in exceptional patient satisfaction. Accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the Alliance Radiation Oncology team of board-certified specialists, physicists, dosimetrists, therapists, navigators, nursing staff and counselors provides custom treatment plans and resources that address each patients unique needs. In its 10-year history, more than 40,000 treatments have been administered at the center. Alliance Radiation Oncology is a division of Alliance HealthCare Services.

For further information:

Tim Thurn, CEO C-RAD AB, Phone +46-18-666930, Email investors@c-rad.com

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