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  • First patient treated with C-RAD’s cutting-edge positioning system at the Cancer Care Center Negrar-Verona, Italy

First patient treated with C-RAD’s cutting-edge positioning system at the Cancer Care Center Negrar-Verona, Italy

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C-RAD and Ospedale Sacro Cuore Don Calabria – the Cancer Care Center in Negrar-Verona - announced today that the first patient has been treated with C-RAD’s surface tracking system at the site. In Italy, the installation is with four C-RAD systems the largest single hospital installation and the first installation on Varian linear accelerators.

Ospedale Sacro Cuore Don Calabria is a Research Institute (IRCCS) and the Cancer Care Center in Negrar-Verona.

The installation of three Catalyst HD™ systems and one Sentinel 4DCT™ was completed beginning of April. The first patient treated was a left side breast cancer patient. The Catalyst system monitors the respiratory motion and controls the radiation beam in dependence of the respiratory phase. This treatment technique is used to reduce the dose exposure to the heart.

The system is also used for initial patient positioning prior to treatment. An interactive feedback loop identifies posture inaccuracies in the set-up process and projects them as color map on the patient skin.

“The clinical implementation was very intuitive. Our technicians immediately adopted the workflow and, together with the Radiation Oncologists, they saw the benefits of the system implementation already during the first days.” says Filippo Alongi, head of Advanced Radiation Oncology Department in Negrar, Verona and associate professor of Radiation Oncology at University of Brescia.

C-RAD and the Cancer Center will work together with the intention to establish a reference center serving for the region Italy, Europe but also for international customers.

Prof. Filippo Alongi adds “It is our goal to develop a clinical protocol utilizing the C-RAD Catalyst system for our hypo fractionated treatments. Treating patients with high doses has significant clinical benefits for certain tumor indications – to control patient motion is crucial to secure a positive clinical outcome while minimizing side effects.”

The Catalyst HD systems was delivered with the complete software suite with modules for Respiratory Gating, Patient Setup and Positioning and Motion Monitoring and the newly released SRT package specifically developed for the needs to support stereotactic treatments.

C-RAD Sentinel 4DCT is an easy-to-use, laser-based optical surface scanning system with functionality for 4D CT reconstruction and gated imaging in a CT room. It also provides reference images for patient positioning.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with the team in Negrar and to build up a cooperation with this site. ” says Tim Thurn, CEO and President of C-RAD AB, “Together with strong clinical partners, we have the possibility to demonstrate the potential of surface tracking technology and how it can be deployed in the best way with the goal to improve treatment outcome for growing number of patients.”

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