Open day C-RAD and Singleton Hospital, Swansea Bay

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C-RAD is pleased to announce that Singleton Hospital in Swansea Bay/ Wales welcomed users and interested customers for an open day to demonstrate workflow integration and usability of the SIGRT solution.

After a welcome from Dr Ryan Lewis, Head of the Radiotherapy Physics the meeting started with at around 35 attendees.

“SIGRT is an exciting and fast emerging technology, which we think will have a massive positive impact on the quality of radiotherapy treatment that we can offer for our patients at the South West Wales Cancer centre. With staff from many nearby Radiotherapy centres also interested in the technology, we were very keen to invite them along to see our C-RAD Catalyst HD in action, and make the most of having Beatrice (C-RAD Application Specialist) in Swansea after our first training session to answer any questions they might have regarding the system. We received a lot of positive feedback after the meeting and so would be happy to host another similar meeting after we go live clinically with the SIGRT systems on our CT and linacs, and have developed more local experience with the systems.” says Adam Selby, Medical Physics at NHS.

The Catalyst HD™ system is installed on Singleton hospital’s newest Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator and will be primarily used for patients receiving treatment of breast cancer. The system has 3 cameras optimized for maximal patient coverage, which ensures accurate patient positioning.   

“We are proud of having this close partnership with the clinical team of Singleton Hospital in Swansea. After a high-quality training it was evident that the C-RAD System can have a positive impact for the patients in the region.” says Dirk Freynhagen, President C-RAD EIMEA, “C-RAD is committed to provide cutting edge surface tracking solution to our customers and an excellent service around the product in the UK. The aim is to ensure that the system is used in the best way, to support users in their daily workflow and to ensure high precision which leads eventually to better treatment results. This goes hand in hand with the comfort and safety of the patient, which is our top priority.”

C-RAD is represented in the UK by the company VERTEC Scientific.

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