C Technologies subsidiary WeSpot receives new venture capital from Industrifonden

C Technologies subsidiary WeSpot receives new venture capital from Industrifonden WeSpot receives further venture capital by bringing in 16MSEK, whereof the Swedish Industrifonden invests totally 10MSEK. WeSpot, a subsidiary of C Technologies, has developed a new camera platform for principally surveillance sensors, detection and access control systems. The security market has a global turnover of approx. 2 500 billion SEK yearly. WeSpot follows its plan to finance its operations and now brings in 10MSEK by Industrifonden in a combination of new shares and a convertible loan. Industrifonden will with the new shares have an ownership in WeSpot of 5,4%. Furthermore, the present investors Malmöhus Invest, CRT Ventures, Bure Equity and SEB Företagsinvest will fulfil their second step in the earlier decided investment in WeSpot. - We are grateful to get another sound and serious owner, who apart from their capital, has a very useful contact network which we hope to benefit from, says Lars Holmqvist, CEO of WeSpot AB. - We have followed WeSpot's growth almost since its start 1999 and have all the time been very interested in the company's technical science. The good point about WeSpot's technology is that it has so many different application areas within security and surveillance. This is a ground for making the company's potential for success substantial, says Lennart Gustafson, Investment Manager at Industrifonden. For further information, please contact: Lars Holmqvist, CEO, WeSpot AB. Tel. +46 (0)733-451 451 Birgitta Plyhm, Press Relations Manager, C Technologies AB. Tel. +(0)702- 07 36 32 www.wespot.com Lennart Gustafson, Investment Manager, Industrifonden. Tel. +46 (0)40 33 02 84 www.industrifonden.se WeSpot AB,s business concept comprises smart cameras that register specific incidents and trigger the alarm. The aim is to become a leading player within the field of smart image sensors for a variety of applications. WeSpot AB was founded in 1999 and now has about 30 employees and an office at the Ideon Research Park in Lund. The company is a subsidiary of C Technologies AB with Malmöhus Invest AB, SEB Företagsinvest, Bure Invest and CR&T Ventures as minority owners. C Technologies is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list (Attract 40). For more information visit our web site: www.wespot.com C Technologies AB (publ) was founded in 1996 and is a well-established Swedish high-technology company with cutting-edge expertise in the fields of digital camera technology, image processing and digital pens. The Company's primary product is the C-Pen® digital pen, which has received several important international awards for best IT product. The C-Pen scans, stores, processes and transmits text to a PC, either by infrared or by cable. The pen can also translate, send e-mail, SMS and facsimiles, and read bar codes. The C Technologies Group, which also comprises the subsidiaries Anoto AB and WeSpot AB, currently has about 300 employees and offices located in Lund, Stockholm, Atlanta, Boston, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Major shareholders include company founder Christer Fåhraeus, State Street Bank, Ericsson Mobile Communications and SEB Fonder. C Technologies' share is listed on the O-list of the OM Stockholm Exchange (Attract 40). For more information visit our web site: www.ctechnologies.se Industrifonden offers growth capital, competence and network for developing companies all around Sweden. With a total of more than 20 years experience and an invested capital of more than 4000MSEK it is one of the biggest and most experienced participants on the Swedish Venture Capital market. Industrifonden invests in small and medium sized companies in most areas. They offer several different forms form financing - from pure project loans to ownership. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/22/20011122BIT00190/bit0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/22/20011122BIT00190/bit0001.pdf